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Gregor : Prophecy of Bane

No description

David Tran

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Gregor : Prophecy of Bane

In this book, Gregor went back to the underland because Temp carried Boots down with him. Temp knew that if he took Boots down, Gregor would surely follow and he did. While trying to find Boots, he came across 2 rats. Gregor had jumped on Ares to survive the 2 rats. Once Gregor got to Regelia, he found out about a new prophecy. He was supposed to kill a giant, white rat called the Bane, but that's what they they thought. So the next day they started the journey but to his surprise, this time they were mainly riding on 2 boats and not bats. Luxa couldn't come because this mission was too dangerous for the next queen which was her. As always, Luxa is stubborn enough to catch the boats before they were too far to reach. Along the way they suffered loses, injuries, betrayal, and attacks. When they found an unknown island, Pandora went to it first to eat bugs but got eaten by flesh-eating mites instead. They were near to the end of the trip when serpents attacked the group since the rats woke them up from their sleep with boulders. Once they got to an entrance of a cave in the Tankard, Boots, Luxa, Temp , and Aurora were missing. Mareth had a badly injured leg so Howard and Andromeda had to take him back to Regelia. So, Twitchtip, Gregor, and Ares were the only ones left of the group. Soon they were in a maze, Ares and Gregor were the last two of the group since Twitchtip had been left behind because of an injury in the nose. Gregor and Ares found a cone-shaped chamber and then 2 rats (named Goldshard and Snare) attacked each other to decide what to do to the Bane (their only pup left). Both of the rats died in the end and Gregor found the Bane which wasn't a monster but a baby. Gregor didn't kill the Bane and gave the Bane to Ripred. When the 2 bonds came back to Regelia, they were put to trial for not killing the Bane along with Howard and Andromeda. Gregor told everyone that Howard and Andromeda were innocent and they were freed. Since everyone thought Luxa was dead, Nerrisa was pronounced queen. Nerrisa saved Gregor's life by telling everyone that he had fulfilled the prophecy. She called for dinner for the 4 comrades. After dinner Gregor found Boots in the nursery. Gregor was sent home after that day. He also asked Vikus to send a letter about Luxa if she appears. The Setting The adventure begins in the underland. Gregor starts out in Regelia, then he rides on the boats through the Waterway. When they were in mid-expedition, the crew found a new island made by cooled lava where Pandora died. Lastly they went to their final destination, the Labyrinth. They went to the Tankard because there was a cave which had the safest entrance. Gregor and Ares went through a maze, into a cone-shaped cave, the cave where found the Bane, and then back to Regelia. Luxa Characters Luxa is a flexible, warrior that fights with a thin but deadly sword, unlike Gregor. Luxa is the next queen after Solovet. She will be queen once she turns 16, but she is only 12. The only cousin Luxa has that went on the mission was Howard. Luxa left Regelia even though told not to because she wanted to help Gregor on his quest. Luxa is one of the crew that goes missing when the serpents attacked the group. Her bond is Aurora. Gregor Howard Boots A.K.A. The Princess Gregor, like I said earlier, fights with a heavy, thick sword that causes great damage. Gregor is the same age as Luxa who is 12. Gregor's little sister is Boots. He doesn't like to fight at all but has to in order to save and help Regelia. He impresses everyone in the training stadium when he hits all of the blood balls. He and Ares found the Bane but he didn't kill it because the Bane was a baby. Gregor has a soft spot for Luxa. Gregor's bond is Ares. Howard's specialty isn't fighting but medicine treatment. He is also Luxa's cousin although he doesn't have any royal blood. He doesn't live in Regelia but he lives in the Fount where his dad is the leader. The Fount isn't a castle, it's actually a village-like place. Howard goes on the quest but has to return back to Regelia because Mareth had an badly, injured leg. Howard's bond was Pandora. Mareth Boots is the sister of Gregor. She is the Princess of the Crawlers (The Roaches). Which means they would listen to her, guard her, and even die for her. Boots doesn't know the meaning of death because Gregor always tells her that the ones who die, are asleep. Boots isn't worried about almost anything when it comes to face to face, but she is still a toddler. Boots goes missing at the end of the trip. Temp, Luxa, Twitchtip, Pend, and a moth helped Boots get back to Regelia. Ares Mareth is a very good warrior and a close friend of Gregor. He trains Gregor to use a heavy sword. He is understanding even when Gregor fell asleep during his guard watching time and a giant squid attacked. Mareth is badly injured during the last leg of the trip by a serpent. Mareth's bond is Andromeda. Ares is the strongest bat in the underland. Even though he was banded to return to Regelia, Gregor helped him out so that he could return. But Ares still didn't return to Regelia. He lived in a cave where he and Henry (Ares' last bond) used to hang out. He is Gregor's bond. Photos Glow-Glow Zap Photos Glow-Glow is a male shiner (A Firefly). His light can change all sorts of colors. Photos Glow-Glow will do almost anything for food. He abandoned the group because he didn't get enough food and told the rats that the location of the boat. Zap is a female shiner. Unlike Photos Glow-Glow, she can only turn to yellow. She would also do almost anything for food. She and Photos Glow-Glow would get into fight for crazy reasons. Along with Photos Glow-Glow, she abandoned the group. Summary Twitchtip Twitchtip is a rat who came from the deadland. A place where it's hard to survive. Twitchtip was kicked out of the colony because of her amazing sense of smell. The rats didn't want her because she could smell so well that she could know what the rats were planing in privacy. She could even detect ideas from thoughts, colors, and what something is doing. Ripred found her in the deadland and took her to Regelia. He promised her that if she help Gregor, she could stay in his nest. She had spent a year in a cave in Tankard and many years in the deadland. Twitchtip's nose gets broken after the serpant attack. Plot Introduction Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Characters:
Gregor, Luxa, Twitchtip, Mareth, Andromeda, Aurora,
Ares, Howard, Pandora, Vikus, Solovet, Zap,
Photos Glow-Glow, Bane, Goldsard, Snare, Ripred,
Boots, Temp, Dulcet, Lizzie, Gregor's dad, Grace,
Mrs. Cormaci, Gregor's grandmother, Nerrisa, Pend, Gregor goes on a trip to find the Bane. Luxa soon joins them. There is a whirlpool and it sucks up one boat and Twitchtip. Gregor saves Twitchtip from the whirlpool. Serpent's attack caused injuries and missing crew mates. Gregor finds the Bane but doesn't kill it. He gives him to Ripred and goes back to Regelia. The people put him to trial but Nerrisa saved his life. Theme I think the main theme of this book is to do what you think, and not others. I made this statement because Gregor was the only one who wanted to get Twitchtip in the whirlpool and to not kill the Bane. I think the next book will be about how Gregor saves Regelia from another terrible threat. My Prediction of the next book........... Greg r:The Prophecy of Bane
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