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New Hampshire Colony

No description

Misha Jones

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of New Hampshire Colony

Where are we located? New Hamphire Colony Southern England Natural Resources Agriculture/Mining Fur traping Whaling Fishing Transporting by boat Climate Cold damp weather Colder climates than other colonies
because its closer to the ocean The harsh weather makes it
difficult to grow crops, because of hard rocky soil Colony Life Life isnt a breeze here you have to work in order to make a good living, but in the end its all worth it! Farmers grew sertain crops
like corn, pumkins, squash, and potatoes. Farmers grow crops like
squash, pumkins, blueberries, corn, potatoes. Your neighbors are sweet
and well give you food if
you are running out. Our colony is large
but we know eveyone one a first
name basis. Government We are all ruled by the King
Although that doesn't sound that
great, the choses he makes over our
colony are fair. Coming to our colony
will give you new job opportumitys,
and we will pay more than the other
colonies. Best Colony of All. Above
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