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The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

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chris anthony

on 14 May 2012

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Transcript of The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man : H.G Wells Themes present... Loss of Identity Ambition Power seen when Griffin begins to forget his morals and original intentions seen as Griffin will stop at nothing to achieve fame and fortune as power is achieved, Griffin yearns for more Familiar themes...? Loss of Identity - Lord of the Flies
- Kids turning into savages Ambition - Macbeth
- Macbeth would stop
at nothing to be King Power - Macbeth/LoF
- Harming others gives power
- Macbeth killing for power Present day... Loss of Identity - seen in teens turning to drugs
Ambition - politicians lying to achieve higher standings Power - an example of the theme power is seen in Muammar Gaddafi About the author About the novel Making Connections Introduction Imagine a world with no consequences.... ....A world where you are invisible Herbert George Wells
Victorian era writer with dystopian beliefs
Believed humans could not control themselves if presented with power
Wells advocated similar views as Hitler
Believed all crime should be punished with death
"People who cannot live happily and freely in the world without spoiling the lives of others are better out of it"
a young aspiring scientist invents a way to redefine optics and adapt the power of invisibility
he resorts to stealing, violence and manipulating people
begins to go mad with power at the thought of terrorizing society with his invisibility
is killed in his attempt to murder his close assistant
Griffin originally intends to use invisibility to create a race of super-humans
relates to Wells' eugenic beliefs
Griffin is unable to stay sane with his extraordinary power
Wells believed humans were inevitably evil
Griffin is constantly violent and immediately using his power for evil
fits perfectly with Wells' dystopian beliefs Manipulation Insanity Greed Subtopics greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects
seen as Griffin begins to develop the ambition for fame and fortune stopping at no costs
is a common human emotion that leads humans to do wrong Similar? Present day examples include.......
The president of a corporation giving himself a huge raise after laying off 20,000 people.

Former Chinese leader Chairman Mao sending food to Russia to obtain nuclear arms while his own people starved.

England forcing Ireland to send their food to England while the Irish starved to death during the 19th century potato famines. insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns
seen in Griffins loss of identity, as he begins to render thoughts of murder
does not necessarily mean developing a mental illness
Is someone considered insane when they can not deal with something that has happened to them?

Is someone considered insane when they try and overcome something that they can not possibly do? is the intentional use of techniques based on the principles of psychology to engage, control, or influence the desires of a crowd
Griffin uses threats and bribes to manipulate people into helping him
seen as Griffin manipulates Marvel into becoming his personal assistant Modern day examples of manipulation include.....
reverse psychology
telling someone you will no longer be their friend if they do not do what you are asking
Conclusion If we adapt a supernatural power we are bound to abuse it as innately evil beings.

Superpowers hold a responsibility too great for one to handle.

Thank you for your attention!

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