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Feminist Literary Criticism

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Amanda Colbert

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Feminist Literary Criticism

Feminist Literary Criticism What is Feminist Criticism? Feminist Literary Criticism is the analyasis that arises from the viewpoint of feminism. Feminist literary criticism suggests that woman in literature were historically presented as objects seen from a male perspective. Feminist critic Resists traditional assumptions while reading. In addition to challenging assumptions which were thought to be universal, feminist literary criticism actively supports including women's knowledge in lierature and valuing womens experiences. Feminist vs Marxist Development of Feminist Criticism Feminist Criticism developed a force in western literary studies in the late 1970s. When feminist theory more broadly conceived was applied to literary matters. Since the early 1980s, feminist literary criticism has developed and diversified in a number of ways and is now characterized by a global perspective Feminist is equal political, social, and economic rights from a female perspective. Where as Marxist criticism is literary criticism from the affluent and proletariat social class. These highlight the social ideals of the author and make the connection between the author's social experiences and that of their characters. Basic Methods Of Feminist Literary Criticism Identify the female characters: This helps you challenge the male-centered outlook of authors.

Reevaluate the literure and the world in which literature is read: This involes the read to question whether society has perdominantly valued male authors and their literary works becasuse it has cherished males more than females. Questions to Ask When Considering Feminist Literary Criticism How would the author work be seen differently if she/he was a man/woman?
How do the characters' gender affect your opinion of them?
If the male charcter was a woman and the female character was a male, how would our opinion of the events of the literature change?
How do the roles of the women and men in the literature fit or change stereotypical male and female roles in society? Models and barbie In society women are judged based on their opinions , in today’s world being sexy is .. . .
Models and being a “ Barbie .” The average female constantly worries about the constant impression of family, friends, co-workers/classmates and or boyfriends/girlfriends. This impression is based on physical appearance. Most guys are attracted to the “ ideal ” woman , being the one you see in a magazine or in posters. The History of feminist Throughout history, women have always struggled to gain equality, respect, and the same rights as men. This has been difficult because of patriarchy, an ideology in which men are superior to women and have the right to rule women. This ideology has permeated the social structures of societies throughout the world and as a result, even in the new millennium, women are still struggling for rights that most men take for granted. The struggle was even more difficult for women of color because not only were they dealing with issues of sexism, but also racism. In order to fight patriarchy, feminism and feminist theory was born What is Feminist ??? By general definition, feminism is a philosophy in which women and their contributions are valued. It is based on social, political and economical equality for women. Feminists can be anyone in the population, men, women, girl or boys. In other Words Feminism can also be described as a movement or a revolution that includes women and men who wish the world to be equal without boundaries. These boundaries are better known as discrimination and biases against gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status and economic status. Everyone views the world with his or her own sense of gender and equality viewing the world as being unequal. Here is Example of Feminist as being unequal Analysis: In society today no major industry like Victoria Secret could sell their products using anything but skinny bodies. Today skinny is promoted by the media that it is the only was to look and it is the right way. Skinny gorgeous bodies are also used to get people looking at any clothing company websites and magazines and therefore seeing their products. Could any clothing industry such as Victoria Secret ever put a plus-sized model on their website or in their magazine? Or is it true that in our society only skinny sells. No where on their website, no one place is there an “average” sized or even “plus-sized” woman. This suggests the idea that if they would have an average or plus-sized model—their products would not sell. Victoria Secret is not the only place in the world that supports the message “skinny sells.” - Laura Barker Feminist Critic Point of view By: Amanda Colbert , Roberto Rivera Activitiy Time !!! Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, "She doesn't have what it takes." They will say, "Women don't have what it takes." ~Clare Boothe Luce Women have been taught that, for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge. ~Author Unknown What are 5 top stereotypes of women and how are they connect to feminism ? Quotes of Feminist http://www.hulu.com/watch/5560/family-guy-women-in-the-workplace#s-p2-n2-sr-i1
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