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senior project

Nicole Pardini

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of GYMNASTICS

Senior Project research paper job shadowing community service mentor/advisor letter of intent GYMNASTICS my history main parts shadowed at Northeast Gymnastics academy what is it? & why? joined when i was 6 years old quit in 7th grade how the sport has affected my life. my accomplishments what is it and why is it important? what i did what is a mentor teacher who mine were, and why their important levels of gymnastics levels 1-3 ; competency levels non competitve teaches basic skills levels 4-6 ; compulsory levels pre-choreographed series of skills each level introduces new skills competition begins at level 4 no younger than 6 years old levels 7-10 ; optional levels each gymnast performs her own routine levels require certain skills to perform minimum age for level 7, seven years old minimum age for levels 8 & 9, 8 years old level 10 is considered a pre-elite level, must be 9 years old level 11 ; elite level senior international elite compete at the olympics if chosen decribes the outlook of your project first thing you do your senior year poster its benefits the history began in the 19th century one of the most oldest and popular games of the Olympics developed in ancient Greece its been around for about 2,000 years
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