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Copy of Qnet

RYTHM [Raise your self to help man kind]

Erfan Qadri

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Qnet

QNET What is Qnet ..!!?? Our underlying motto, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM). Qnet has two main concept As per all studies did for that there is only
Three type of business can do that….!! Robert kiyosaki # Qnet has been established in 1998 in Hong Kong
# QNet is the largest company based on E-commerce in Asia
# More than 8 Million Consumers in 200 countries
# More than 30 regional offices across the world
# Capital of the company is more than 15 Billion U.S
# Owns 7 hotels and resorts in far East & Africa
# Own QI COMM, in UK
3000$ x 7(days)x52(weeks)= Business School Cash Flow Quadrant Important question??
How many years you could take to move from the first quadrant as an employee or second one as a small business to the fourth quadrant as an investor..??!!!
Do you think you can do it within 3-5 years only ….??? 2-Constructions
Need a huge budget to start gain that money
1-Stock market
Need also a lot of money and RISKY at the same time
3-network marketing
#One the biggest donor for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation and World Vision

# QNet has been official sponsored for Brazil football team in World Cup 2006 #QNet has been official distributor of commemorative coins of 2000 Sydney Olympic, 2004 Athens Olympic, 2008 Beijing Olympic and also Fifa Coins # QNet has been official sponsored for Ferrari team in Formula 1
1000,000 $ QNet Products 1-QVI 2-Q.I.Com 3-B.H.Mayer 4-Home Pure 5-Swiss eLearning Institute 1st concept :
Word of mouth
2nd concept:
Power of duplication
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