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No description

Melissa Hicks

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of SRA @ IST

Security and Risk Analysis @the college of information sciences and technology Intelligence Analysis and Modeling Information and Cyber Security Social Factors and Risk Characteristics
Good at extracting information
Like to calculate risks
Interested in making connections to predict outcomes Characteristics
Enjoy securing networks and policing Internet
Actively battle hackers
Concerned about privacy in social networking Characteristics
Worry about digital footprints
Passionate about privacy
Value trustworthiness and Internet safety Outcomes
Learn how to gather data to forecast trends and mitigate risk
Help companies analyze their own level of risk
May work with global corporations, military, or national security organizations as intelligence analyst, risk manager, or enforcement officer
Learn how to monitor, collect, and analyze data to identify risky situations that require an appropriate response
Help companies develop security strategies and solutions
Keep an portions of cyberspace safe and crime free
Understand legal, regulatory, ethical ramifications of social risk
Balance interests of individuals, businesses, and the government to proctect important information
Handle issues regarding privacy, intellectual property, censorship, and telecommunication Individual Business Government
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