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10 reasons you want to be on ecobuild

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Mari Macnamara

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of 10 reasons you want to be on ecobuild

3 ecobuild 10 SIMPLE REASONS how? South Africa's The housing shortage Whether you
want to Embark on the journey in one of three ways: architects,
installers SANS :400 XA {this is bad} 2 1. navigate your way by the 4 The deforestation rate 10 YOU WANT TO BE ON THIS SITE THE INTRODUCTION OF SANS 10400-XA, published in August 2011, is the new part of the South African standard for environmental sustainability and energy usage in buildings, and forms part of the National Building Regulations. 9 METROPOLITAN
PER YEAR 3 7 years South Africa will run dry in if no serious action is taken to conserve water > Over the past six years, South Africans have faced an
average of 25% increase in electricity
costs corn produce dropped by .9 percent due to a lack of rain in most regions in South Africa stands at just under an estimated 3 million {which means
we have to build a lot more houses, fast} in South Africa is at 2 times the
rate Even so, we are facing an extreme shortage in just 5 years 1 one site addresses it all other building professionals together & 1 create a sustainable building from scratch, or / improve an existing building retrofit this is the place to learn & teach, ask & answer,
be inspired & inspire! phases of a project join us on
the journey towards a sustainable future! plan | design | construct | maintain 4 2. using a building system as your guide {The four elements represent these systems & will be your constant companions on this journey} 3. or clicking on
one of the 5 items in the quick links menu 5 News & Events
Inspiring projects
Technical Articles
Case Studies
Blogs & Forums 6 ecobuild is only one of our
6 multimedia products for the built environment & mining sector,
ensuring high quality content covering all aspects of sustainable building You'll find us tweeting days a week! 7 @ecobuildonline 8 9 Reach
all nine provinces {and the world for that matter} with just
one click! So, log on to www.ecobuildonline.co.za and score a perfect 10 every time! Spend just minutes on the site, and you'll never look at
sustainable building the
same again {the average visit duration stands at 18 minutes, by the way} {we just call it the standard that will change the face of building}
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