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Radio Culture In Bangladesh

A MKT 344 presentation at North South University.

Mopasha Samaddar Badhon

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Radio Culture In Bangladesh

Presented to Farzana Choudhury Radio Culture of Bangladesh Introduction Some differences between the Radio of
Year 2003 and Year 2013 First radio in Bangladesh is Bangladesh Betar.
Radio transmission started in December 16th 1939.
Initially located in old Dhaka, later relocated to Shahbag.
Played a significant role during the liberation war in 1971. Radio stations 10 years ago in Bangladesh:
1. Bangladesh Betar (state owned)
2. Voice Of America
3. BBC Bangla
AM radio stations.
Focused mostly on news, cultural shows and educational shows.
Did not specifically target the youth.
People listened to radio shows via actual radio sets. Year 2003 and onwards...... Radio culture was dying out during the early 21st century.
Only regular shows such as news, songs and educational shows were the top programs.

People started to buy mp3, mp4, mp5 players to listen to music.

Media such as Television and Internet were taking over the radio culture. Year 2003 and onwards...... The New age of Radio..... 1. Educational and entertainment shows
2. The way of greetings of the RJs.
3. Communication between RJs and the listeners
4. Type of RJs. Radio is now mostly focused on Music and Entertainment.
News updates for 10 minutes every hour.
Talks on upcoming trends and events the youth are interested in.
More friend-oriented, encourages maintaining one’s social life.
Also influencing the young generation’s speaking style. The New age of Radio..... First FM radio introduced in Radio Today 89.6 FM on September, 2006.
Many other FM radio stations have also been set up such as # Radio Foorti # Radio Amar #ABC Radio #DHAKA FM # Radio Shadhin etc.
Online radio e.g # Radio 2fun # Radio GoonGoon

Mainly focused on the young generation.
People tend to listen to radio now-a-days by their cellphone, car and also by portable radio sets.
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