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Desktop Remote Controller Application using Android Phones

No description

Johfer Torres

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Desktop Remote Controller Application using Android Phones

check daily your desktop even if
you are not in your office to
monitor it, by the use of this application you can easily monitor and update yourself to the
news in your desktop/ or laptop
This system will be using Bluetooth connection or even Internet connection for longer distance of the remote controller application. The programming tool/s that we are
using are the JAVA- Eclipse and SDK Android Manager.
user easily access his/her
personal computer even
he/she is not in his/her spot
in the office.
The Use:
user will easily navigate
and remote their laptop,
desktop using their own
Desktop Remote Controller Application using Android Phones
it is easy to manage, and browsing your
desktop using your android phone touching
the screen allows you to move the mouse
cursor and by tapping it to click a certain
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