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HRSM 301 True Colors Presentation

No description

Olivia Figary

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of HRSM 301 True Colors Presentation

By: Olivia Figary True Colors Compatibility Test Olivia's True Colors Gold: 20
Blue: 17
Orange: 13
Green: 10 David's True Colors Orange: 23
Green: 18
Gold: 15
Blue: 7 Our Compatability The difference between our personalities...
Blue: 10
Orange: 10
Green: 8
Gold: 5 OLIVIA:20 DAVID:15
-Olivia and David both like to be organized but they do not like when the other person tries to organize their things. They don't like when their system is changed.
-They both appreciate family values and hope to have a family of their own one day.
-David should make sure to show appreciation for the practical things Olivia does for him such as cooking him dinner or making an itinerary for a weekend vacation.
-David will also want appreciation for things like giving Olivia a ride to class or paying for their tickets to a concert. Meet Olivia and David -are from Cincinnati, OH
-met at USC in 2010
-have been dating for 2 years
-have a 2 year old cocker spaniel named Brandi
-both have a minor in SPTE THE END GREEN: BLUE: ORANGE: GOLD Conclusion:
Although our personalities are not very similar, we are able to get along and have fun together because we have similar interests and backgrounds. Also, we are respectful of each other, trust each other and are willing to work together. It also proves the saying "opposites attract". Olivia: 10 David: 18
-David likes to focus most of his time and energy on school and work. He does not show a lot of emotion except while watching sports.
-David does not feel the necessity of constantly stating his feelings but he will every night before going to sleep because Olivia has clearly made it an expectation for him.
-Olivia needs to be sure to give David recognition for his good ideas and avoid seeming unfair. Olivia: 17 David: 7
-Olivia likes to be romantic. David does not.
-Olivia does not expect David to constantly show romanticism. She knows that he is showing he cares by asking her opinion and spending time with her (going to sporting events and watching Law and Order together).
-Olivia likes to be affectionate but will make David feel uncomfortable if she displays her feelings in public.
-David needs to bring up his blue on special occasions such as anniversaries or Valentines Day by buying Olivia flowers and telling her she looks pretty. Olivia: 13 David: 23
-David likes to be spontaneous and impulsive and uses charm and cleverness to get what he wants. This contradicts Olivia's need to plan things in advance and heightens her concern for the plans and choices he makes.
-Olivia has to trust David's plans and learn not to worry but will always have an emergency plan in case anything go wrong due to lack of planning.
-David is also very competitive and has a lot of confidence in his ideas and abilities. He needs to be respectful of Olivia's ideas and abilities as well.
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