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Yen Magazine

No description

Victoria Aldous

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Yen Magazine

Yen Magazine
What is Yen?
Yen is a magazine aimed primarily at women that features women's health, beauty, fashion, creative individuals, music, films, books, exhibitions, travel, food, and local talent.

" A magazine for smart, creative cookies who love to be inspired"

An 'indie' take on the conventional women's magazine, with the view to inspire creative, intelligent and confident women

Target Audience
Young women (aged 18-35):
Optimistic about her future, career-oriented and ambitious.
Absorbs trends and translates them into her own individual style.
Savvy and won’t be fooled by one-size-fits-all offerings.
Takes pride in her appearance and wellbeing.
Engaged in the world around her and has an active social life. aware of and passionate about cultural, political and social issues.
Discerning but loyal to the brands that fit her values.
Yen is "Australia’s #1 independent women’s magazine."
Publisher: Next Media
First Issue: 2002
Frequency: Bimonthly magazine
Cost: $9.50 (single issue), $49.00 (6 issues/1 year subscription), $89.00 (12 issues/2 years subscription), $6.49 (single digital issue), $27.99 (6 digital issues/1 year subscription)
Distribution: Newsagents, & Woolworths (Australia wide ) and stockists worldwide (NZ, UK and Asia)
Circulation: 27,000 copies
Readership: 150,000 copies
Demographic: women aged 18-35, median age is 22.
Format: 132 pages, large format (210cm x 275cm), full colour, satin-matte art paper

Market Context and Key Competitors

Very competitive market
Russh - mainly fashion, features on intl. creatives, film, music, editorial and photoshoots (Aus)
Oyster - international fashion, beauty, music and pop culture (worldwide)
Frankie - highly creative, recipes, photography, travel, interiors, fashion, features (AUS)
Peppermint - 'green', fashion, lifestyle, eco & ethical style, design, creativity, social & enviroment issues (AUS)
Strengths and Weaknesses
Fills gap in market, unique to other women's magazines
Yen Short Story Competition (opportunity to be featured in mag, encourage female creativity)
Yen Female Art Awards
Competitions (win prizes)
Free CDs, posters
Interactivity on web keeps audiences interested, engaged & abreast on mag and other news between editions (How-T0 guides, links to music/shopping/books, Yen TV, Yen Radio,
website layout
trying to cover too many broad topics?
Yen understands that its readers have busy schedules and different lifestyles, and has made the magazine downloadable for:
Win8, PC/MAC, Rim, Android, iPad, WebOS
Yen also interacts with it's audiences on various platforms, enabling :
Website - 21,557 visitors per month, 96% female
EDM - 11,459 subscribers
Facebook - 18,412 likes
Pinterest - 937 followers
Twitter - 9,818 followers
Instagram - 6,881 followers
Overall Impact
Engaging, relevant, fun, intelligent, fashionable
and creative form that inspires young women
Features local creative individuals
Content filled, high quality
Edgy, affordable fashion
Stands out from the crowd
Website & social media keep audiences engaged

Has potential to become a monthly magazine
Could attempt to reach a young, sophisticated market to improve market share
Feature and Column Styles
Two columns
Standout quotes are capitalised and in a larger font
Lots of white space, very clean
Feature articles contain original images from photoshoots
Yen People, Yen Hearts
Page layout
- 1 page graphic and 1 page text
- combination of text and graphics on one page

Graphic Style
Page layout is very clean, and easy to follow
Lots of white space, minimal 'clutter' or 'noise'
Full colour, high quality images printed on satin-matte art paper
Advertising appeals to target audience
Cover is always vibrant, features an inspiring female artist
Font is uniform throughout the magazine and uniform across every issue
Photo essay
Yen Team
Editor - Annie Sebel
Art Director - Emma Motion
Writer - Jana Roose
Fashion Director - Pip Vassett
Market Editor - Nicki Colbran
Fashion Assistant - Kaila Matthews
Beauty Contributor - Jasmine Lo
Contributors, Photographers, Advertising and Digital
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