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Welcome to CalSAE!

No description

Kristen Andrews

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to CalSAE!

Welcome to CalSAE!
You are now a part of a strong, state-wide organization with over 1,200 members focused on representing the interests of the association industry.

Providing our members with opportunities for networking, education, shared knowledge, and advocacy is the mission of CalSAE.
Professional Advancement
Whether you are interested in becoming a CAE, recertifying as a CAE, obtaining an additional credential, or simply wishing to obtain continuing education for your own personal and professional development, CalSAE can help!

Read about CalSAE Professional Development Programs: http://www.calsae.org/Advance/Professional_Advancement/ProfessionalDevelopmentPrograms
Regional & Statewide Events
We offer seven statewide events and over 50 regional events throughout California. Click on the calendar below for more information.
Membership at your fingertips!
Learn more about your membership with
CalSAE's CEO Jim Anderson, CAE.
Find a Member or Service!
Trying to reconnect with a member you met at a CalSAE event?
Check out the online membership directory -

Looking for a vendor for your next event?
CalSAE offers the Online Buyers' Guide for members to look up vendor services and send RFPS -

Over 50 Education and Networking Opportunities
Bi-monthly Publications and Weekly Newsletters with Up-to-date Information
Affinity Programs

Find out more about CalSAE Benefits: http://www.calsae.org/Membership/MemberBenefits
Volunteering for a CalSAE committee, regional council, regional event, or the Ambassador Program is a great way to meet other professionals, make a tangible impact on the organization and become part of the CalSAE community.

Learn more:
Volunteer Opportunities!
Member Benefits & Discounts
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