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The Formation of the Early Church

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Kate Ryan

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of The Formation of the Early Church

The Formation of the Early Church Events after the Resurrection The Ascension Pentecost After his death, Jesus appeared to Apostles and taught them about KOG.
After 40 days he told them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for a gift.
Then he ascended into heaven.
Acts of the Apostles 1 After this, the Apostles continued to meet and pray together.
Joined by Mary, mother of Jesus.
On Pentecost Day, the believers were gathered together in one place.
Noise, like wind, from the sky.
Tongues of fire spread out and touched each person. Filled with the Holy Spirit.
Could speak in many new languages.
Received courage to preach and baptise.
3,000 on that day. Acts of the Apostles 2 Acts Chapter 2 Beginning of Missionary Work Before Pentecost, Apostles were afraid to go out and preach.
Saw what happened to their leader and feared for their own lives.
Seen as a threat and so were afraid of attack.
Attack still possible after Pentecost but the fear was gone.
Before Ascension, Jesus gave Apostles authoriy to preach in his name:
"Go then to all people's..."
After Pentecost the Apostles began to do that - this was the beginning of missionary work. All the Apostles did missionary work, but one stood out - Peter. After Pentecost he was first Apostle to stand up and address large crowds with confidence and enthusiasm.
Told them about the gift of the Holy Spirit which they could receive through baptism.
These believers who received baptism made up the first Christian community. The First Christian Communities The Acts of the Apostles tell us, "They spent their time learning from the Apostles, taking part in the fellowship, sharing in the fellowship meals and the prayers." A fellowship is a group of companions who come together because of a shared belief. So we can see the first Christian Communities were a close and friendly group:
Spent time together
Shared knowledge and ideas about
God and his son
Shared everything they had
If one had more than the others, he would sell what he had and distribute money among community
No one wanted for anything; all were equal
This was their way of bringing about the Kingdom of God that Jesus had preached about
Most importantly they remembered Jesus words and action in the Last Supper by sharing their meals. In Acts 10, Peter welcomed the first Gentiles into the Church. (Gentiles are non-Jews.)
The first Christians had a whole new way of life based on the teachings of Jesus.
They took seriously what Jesus had said about loving your neighbour as yourself. Happy and content community and their numbers increased daily.
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