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Inquiry 1F

My Short List

Brittany Alorda

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry 1F

Divorce- I see a kid with a broken heart between their mom and dad Remarriage- I see remended hearts and a happy family Aunt Rachel I see a women with a battered face and a child crying and holding her ears in a corner The reason i see a women with a battered face is because that is what my aunt Rachel looked like at times The reason i see a child crying and holding her ears is because that is what my little cousin did at times when it was really bad The reason i see remended hearts is because my dad is actually happy and there is no more heart brake inside him he now has a wife and another kid The reason i see a happy family is because i know that the four of us are now a four person happy family no matter what happens The reason i see this is because that is how i felt when i was going through my divorse when my mom and dad broke up an got a divorce this picture depicts exactly how i felt and looked
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