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Japanese Parasol Dancing

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simstar sihra

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Japanese Parasol Dancing

Japanese Parasol Dancing
The Famous Music
The Most famous music that plays during Parasol Dancing is The Mikado and the The Songs Of The Seasons but that doesn't mean that its the only music that can be played during the dance. There are many different types of music which plays during Parasol Dancing. The names of the different music are called "The Song Of The Seasons", Yume, and Rin-Fuhen. These are the main songs which get played but you can play it any music that you want to.
Costumes: The Famous Japanese Parasols
These red, black, and blue parasols are traditional, homemade, and very beautiful pieces of art!
They are what makes up Parasol Dancing.
From The Beginning
The famous japanese parasol dancing has a very interesting history behind it.
Parasol dancing started about 600 years ago. That is a long time ago!!! It had started in Japan and it is from Kabuki. Kabuki is a Japanese dance-drama classic. The song which most famous parasol dancers dance to is called the Mikado. Today we will be discussing about JAPANESE PARASOL DANCING!
Costumes: Traditional Wooden Shoes
These Japanese parasol wooden shoes may seem very difficult to walk in ,more to even dance in, but for japanese women these shoes are very normal to walk in and its almost like a priority for them.
Costumes: Japenese Parasol Kimonos
Bright, colorful, floral, and traditional Kimonos!!!
Fun Facts:
Did you know that Parasol Dancing is just shuffling across the floor but you have to be trained to do it!!!

Did you know that parasol dancing actually used to be done by males not woman!!
The Japanese Parasol dance is meant for women. That would mean that their costumes are very feminine. Their costumes include bright, colorful, and very floral Kimonos. Kimonos are special and traditional robes which are worn by men and women. The kimono is not only meant to be worn during traditional dancing it can also be worn on special occasions such as weddings and tea ceremonies. Another thing that you have to wear during parasol dancing is wooden shoes just like clogs. The last thing to make their costumes perfect is colorful, traditional, and hand-made parasols.
The Song Of The Seasons
Now We Are Going To Show You:
The Song Of The Four Seasons!
Costumes: Wooden shoes
These are the shoes which are worn during parasol dancing. They resemble almost exactly to clogs. They are wooden, handmade, sandels/shoes which are made for not only dancing
but for normal lifestyle footwear.
Famous Parasol Dancers
There are many people who enjoy doing parasol dancing but most people do not originate from Japan and China. The names of these groups are called Eva's Parasol Dance AADT, Penn State International Dance Ensemble, Phoenix Dance Troupe, Ariel Burlesque, and NUVSA Culture Show Que Huong. Alot right!!!
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