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Nonfiction Reading and Opinon Writing

No description

krystin smith

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Nonfiction Reading and Opinon Writing

Should Zoo's Exist? Summarize the news report
What is the main idea?
What are the supporting details? "Phoenix Zoo Helps Save Endangered Species" Summarize the article
What is the main idea?
What are the supporting details? by Stephanie Santana and Shauwn Lukose
clear statement
details What side are you on? Homework Closing Outline Research Project Show off your research skills

Watch summarize news report

Read and summarize article

Form your opinion and plan essay Vocabulary endangered- threatened with extinction or dying out

summarize- to give a shortened version of something that has been written or said by stating the key point

main idea- the most important thought, information, or message Arabian Oryx "Zoochosis"
Plan your essay Do you think zoos are important? Do you think zoos are bad for endangered animals and should be closed? Post-it Poll Final thoughts
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