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Southern Alps

No description

Whitney Martin

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Southern Alps

By Whitney Martin Southern Alps Surface features Appearance Internal Processes Surface features that have changed because of the Southern Alps Surface
Features The Canterbury Southern Alps are the longest and the highest mountain range in New Zealand. Among theses harsh peaks fresh glaciers, rivers,valleys, and hills have been formed due to the creation of the Southern Alps.

The valleys created by the Southern Alps has also formed into Lakes such as Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki.
The southern Alps have also create foot hill's that are created from the uplift of the high mountain rangers the pressure folds the crust forming the foot hills that surround the mountain. The surface features that have created because of the Southern Alps popular
tourist attractions Popular tourist attractions Some popular surface feature attractions that have been created by the Southern Alps is Methvan Mount Hutt Ski Field it is New Zealand's premier high country Ski Field, Hamner Springs a tourist destination,Mt Cook, Mackenzie National Park, Poulter Valleys, Mount white road, Arthers Pass, Wee McGregor mountain bike racing track, Lake Tekapo that is advertised as a 'hot spot' in the south island landscape. But The most visited place on the Southern Alps is Fanz Joesf, Mount Cook and Fox Glaciers because of their breath taking views that leave spectators amazed. Formation The surface features that have changed the appearance of South Island The external process How did it
change the
Appearance? Many hot springs, particularly above the Canterbury plains, are associated with faults and tectonic features. The southern Alps peak over 3000 meters they also contain large high snow fields and glaciers that extend down to the floors of the major valleys in the north west of Nelson there are rangers that contain New Zealand's oldest sediment rock and oldest fossils its northern glacier valleys contain some of the most dramatic landslides due to the weathering How did the surface features change the South Island? The surface features change over time because of the weathering and mechanical weathering these two elements change the appearance of the Southern Alps by breaking down the rocks because of the different reactions to the atmosphere. The Southern Alps changes every single day from the human life that digs into the surface and the animals that dig into the soil creating holes or houses to live in. Humans can change the southern Alps not just weathering, humans change the southern alps by digging into the soil for creation purposes like building Ski retreats for the visitors who vist the ski feilds on the Southern Alps. The External processes that made this change the external process The external process that caused this change But what is the Southen Alps? The Southern Alps is a mountain range which stretches almost the whole length of New Zealand’s South Island. The mountain range runs 450km from north to south. The tallest peak in the alps is Aoraki/Mount Cook which is New Zealand’s tallest mountain at 3,754m. 16 other points in the range also exceed 3,000m. The Southern Alps have been shaped dramatically by the external process of weathering. If this dramatic weathering had not occurred the Alps would be a massive 6 times higher than they are today. If the Southern Alps were not being constantly up lifted, weathering has the power to destroy the whole mountain range. There are two different types of weathering. There is chemical weathering, which is the breaking down of the rocks due to chemical reactions between the atmosphere and/or liquids and the chemicals in the rock. There is also mechanical weathering, which is the breaking down of the rock due to physical forces such as freeze/thaw and earthquakes. Formation that created the surface features The Canterbury Southern Alps are the longest and highest mountain range in new zealand among these high peaks you will find lakes, acient forests,rivers,glaciers,blue ice and valleys. They make up the amazing beauty of the South island some of the beauty is Methvan mount hutt which is New Zealand's premier high country ski area. Hanmer springs the extent of the Southern Alps has been never officially defined, the large range of the South Island is an ascend of a 2000m peak via a spectacular ridge line walk. Visual appearances the surface is extinguishing mountainous the lather is continued in an unbroken line as the South Alps has its cook straight and eastern slopes. The gravel plains have glacial or snow rivers which is a striking feature. The Canterbury plains are just below the southern Alps it is known as the long wide southernland plains.throughout the southern alps there is always a continuous stream of water running through the valleys. The snow line on the Southern Alps is an average of 2200m altitude. The center part of the range is heavily glaciated for much of the past 2 million years, the rising South alps and Flordland Mountains were under huge ice-age with glaciers up to 1,000 km thick. The glacier filled valleys go as far as 100km east of the center part of the Southern Alps and extended west. The visual Appearances of the Southern Alps What are the Internal processes? The Southern Alps were created during a time of huge uplift which has been called the Kaikoura Orogeny. The creation of the Alps was an internal process caused by the collision of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. 25 to 15 million years ago the majority of New Zealand was covered by the ocean. As the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates began to collide with each the New Zealand crust came under pressure and the Alpine Fault was created. This fault line runs along the western edge of the Southern Alps. The rate of the uplift has accelerated in the last 5 million years, around about 20km of uplift has taken place along the Alpine Fault. If it was not for weathering then the Southern Alps would be up to 6 times the height they are today. still need more information ? Between 15 and 5 million years ago the rock of the Australian plate shifted north along the Alpine fault and began to collide with the Pacific plate. The crust thickened under pressure and more land was pushed up above sea level, this was the birth of the Southern Alps. in the end the Southern Alps is a great and spectacular place to visit full with beautiful and breath taking sights. There is never nothing to do when visiting the Southern Alps there is always an adventure at every angle of the Alps whether its stilling by Tekapo lake or even Skiing down the slopes of Mount Hutt ski area. The southern Alps highlights the south islands beauty with the stretch of eye catching glaciers and mountains It is defiantly a place to visit and enjoy the experience the Southern Alps has to offer The Beauty of the Alps Thanks for watching my presentation
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