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Burning Blue

No description

Natalie Dunn

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Burning Blue

Burning Blue
By: Paul Griffin
Science Fiction/Mystery
In Burning Blue, Nicole Castro, while walking to class, gets sprayed with acid, and as a result, half of her face gets burned. She stops attending Brandywine Hollows New Jersey high school and starts homeschooling that September because she is afraid of the suspect striking again. Jay Nazarro teams up with Nicole to solve the mystery of....
I know it takes place during the month of September because its made clear in the book. In the prologue, the principal gets an E-mail from an untraceable email address.
Main Characters
Nicole Castro
Jay Nazarro
Nicole Castro is popular. I know this because on page 1, Jay Nazarro,
another main character states, "I didn't know Nicole at the time. Well I knew of her. Everybody did." Since "everybody" knew Nicole, it helps me to understand that she might be popular. Popular by definition is "being regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general", and Nicole follows this trend. She was generally liked by all people and they all knew of her. I know that she was well-liked because on page 13 it said "Someone had set up a well-wishers page [for Nicole]. Not quite nine hours after the attack, the page was filled with more than a thousand comments, and not just from the BHHS community." With this evidence i can infer that if thousands of people are wishing Nicole to get well that she is known as a nice person.
Jay Nazarro is untrustworthy. I can prove this with evidence from my book. On page 275 it says "We need to get you help. We're going to. I promise." "You
promise? Really? Oh, that makes me feel so much better. He promises. You know what you promised, Jay? You promised you would never hack me." "I had to" "No, you really didn't" Jay is untrustworthy because he had made a promise that he broke. Breaking someones promise makes them not trust you anymore.
Who Burned Nicole?
The main conflict in Burning Blue is the mystery of who attacked Nicole with acid, burning her face.
I know this is the main conflict because its introduced in the beginning of the story, in the exposition. In all books the main problem is supposed to be introduced in the exposition. In addition, this conflict is addressed throughout the book as the main topic thus implying its the main conflict.
"She was halfway into her turn when it happened. Life as she knew it: gone. Took maybe half a second. The last thing she saw was the squirt bottle coming up toward her face. a squeeze machine wrapped in orange foam, the lightning bolt"
"Everybody had to see what all the screaming was about. Nicole managed to get out that someone had squirted something onto her face. Everybody was asking "Who"? Only Mr. Sager, one of our custodians, realized right now the primary question was "What? What did he Squirt?" Nicole didnt know, but whatever it was, it was still burning."
The problem is resolved when Jay figures out who burned Nicole. He uses clues he's discovered throughout the story to come up with a final solution. On page 277 he presents his findings, that Nicole's mom, Elaine Castro hired Angela to spray Nicole with acid. "How the two woman had come together was a mystery, but this much was definite: Mrs. Castro had hired Angela to burn Nicole. Elaine was the real recluse. [People thought Angela burned Nicole herself because she was jealous, but really Nicole's mom paid her to do it.]
After reading this book I've discovered things that I had liked, along with disliked, For example, I liked the way the story was laid out. I liked how the story was mainly told in first person from Jays point of view but I also enjoyed the contrast when sometimes the story would be told from Nicole's perspective for a chapter or two. Chapter 6 is told in Nicole perspective. She talks about her feelings and thoughts towards the acid attack. Furthermore, I liked the surprise ending. Jay leads you into thinking Angela burned Nicole out of jealousy but a secret attacker planned the whole scheme. On page 186 it says "Angela did have something to do with it but there was another person involved in the attack." On the other hand I disliked the inappropriate content in this book. This book was recommended to my class and I think it should be recommended for and older age. There were many unacceptable words used in this book but also many references to things that should be taught at an older age. [I don't really want to give a text example for this one....]
I would not recommend this book to somebody my age because of the inappropriate content but I would definitely recommend it to someone older than me. It has a very good storyline and many interesting characters with different features, and personalities so you'll surely find someone you can relate to. I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5. It was very well written and every chapter ended with a compelling cliff-hanger, pushing me to keep reading. Chapter nine ends with "I hadn't spilled water. The label on the jug said MURIATIC ACID." I really liked the short chapters. It gave me chances to set short goals or long goals depending on how much I wanted to read. I could read 1 chapter, or 4, and since the chapters were so short I would never have to stop in the middle of the chapter! Chapter 31 is two sentences long! In addition, Burning Blue had a very exceptional plot. I enjoyed the mystery and how many characters were involved. I loved how throughout the story Jay was ruling out suspects, and finding new ones. The story was always full of adrenaline. From page 1 when Nicole gets burned, to page 279 when Jay discovers the secret attacker. Let me warn you, once you start this book, you'll never be able to put it down!
Burning Blue Setting Diagram
The main setting in my book is Brandywine Hollows high school in New Jersey
How far would you go for love?
-Burning Blue
"Your bravery inspires me"
-Burning Blue
"So this is Jay, bearer of broken umbrellas."
-Burning Blue
To You Who Know What Comes After Beauty
-Burning Blue
What does it feel like to have hope?
-Burning Blue
After a little test run, I'll find that I like the sound. The hissing. She will burn.
-Burning Blue
Prezi made by: Natalie Dunn
November 18 2012
Hour 5
Nicole and Jay are the two main characters in involved in the conflict other than the secret attacker. Many other suspects of the burning crime are also important parts of the conflict.
What day is it? What night? I'm burning, burning, burning blue.
-Burning Blue
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