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Anna Galvan

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Labels

Sexual Orientation
What are labels?
Race & Religion
Labels: How they affect people & what should we change
What are labels?
Sexual Orientation
Whats the first thing you think when you see them?
Race & Religion
People are often labeled by their appearance. The most common way of making fun of someone is by their race or religion.

regardless of where they were born, large majorities of Latinos say that life in the U.S. is better than in their family’s country of origin
21% of latinos say they use the term “American” most often to describe their identity
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil
Mohammed Hussain, an Englishmen, was accused by his coworkers and peers of being a terrorist. He filed a lawsuit and eventually won. However the damages included loss of job and incarceration.
Some of the accusations included: colleague claimed that Mr. Hussain had said it was "okay to kill American soldiers" shortly after the London terrorist attack which killed 52 innocent people
AND: Another worker alleged that Mr. Hussain had boasted he was a fan of Adolf Hitler who had told colleagues "Hitler was brilliant. He should have finished off the Jews".
In 1993, the Bank of America denied entry-level clerical and administrative position to African-Americans
African-Americans accounted for47% of all known wrongfully accusations in 1989
57% of them were accused of homocide
Labels Against Women
Assuming that a woman should be “in her place” is potentially hurtful and otherwise an ignorant way of thinking.

70% of the two billion poor people in the world are women
women today are paid only 72 cents for every dollar a man earns- and this is 38 years after the Equal Pay Act became law
some argue this a result because women get maternity leave and stay home more often to take care of children
Men politician will never be asked "what designer they're wearing", however, that's all the media seems to care about for women
"slut shaming" has become a popular way of labeling women
a women talking to two men vs. a man talking to two women
More women feel pressured and are called selfish for deciding to work instead of staying at home
Something that only became popular in the 50's
Let's Change!
What can we do?
Think of yourself in that position.
Think before you speak
Find interesting things about them first
Be considerate of others feelings
Labels can often impair ones self-esteem. Choosing to decide what we think of a person before we get to know them not only affects the way we wrongfully judge people, but it also affects the way other people view us.
"Gay" is a term, now in the modern era, that describes sexual orientation, however it has become a popular word to describe something/someone as lesser and not worthy enough.

“Billy Lucas was just 15 when he hanged himself in a barn on his grandmother’s property. He reportedly endured intense bullying at the hands of his classmates — classmates who called him a fag and told him to kill himself. His mother found his body.”
According to EndOfBullying.com...LGBT youth hear anti-gay slurs such as “homo,” “faggot,” and “sissy” about 26 times a day or once every 14 minutes
85% of LGBT students reported being verbally harassed
40% reported being physically harassed
19% reported being physically assaulted at school because of their sexual orientation
61% of those students reported they felt unsafe in school
According to PFLAG, suicide is the leading cause of death among gay and lesbian youth
PFLAG statistics show gays and lesbians are 7 times more likely to be crime victims than heterosexuals, and about 75% of those crimes are not reported to anyone
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