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Philip Weyhrich

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of California

Our tour through California
A presentation of
Philip Weyhrich and
Alexander Noack
- take-off from
at 6:45 am
- flight with Condor, with two stopovers, costs 955 $
- arrival in
San Francisco Airport
at 4:09 pm

day 2: we explore San Francisco

day 3: sightseeing through San Francisco
day 5: visiting Yosemite National Park
day 8: National Park Death Valley
day 12: explore Los Angeles
day 13: sightseeing through Los Angeles
day 11: the drive to Los Angeles goes on
day 14 - the last day in the United States of America:
return journey from Los Angeles to Berlin

- take-off from
at 2:00 pm with Norwegian Air
(stopover in Stockholm)
- arrival at 2:30 pm in
the next day
- the flight costs 1026.00 $ (2 persons, Economy class)
(Online reservation at www.exbir.com='travel extremely cheap')
- visa fee for tourists (160 $) 320,00 $
- flight TXL-SFA 955,95 $
- MUNI-Pass (3 days/2 persons) 46,00 $
- overnight stay hostel 183,32 $
- sightseeing San Francisco/
entrance fees (Disneyland, Alcatraz) 402,00 $
- rental car 379,40 $
- fee for car/tent Yosemite National park 25,00 $
- fee for car/tent Death Valley National park 20,00 $
- METRO-Pass (4 days/2 persons) 27,51 $
- overnight stay hotel 170,88 $
- sightseeing Los Angeles/
entrance fee (Segway tour, Universal) 434,00 $
- return flight LAX-TXL 1026,01 $
- 3 meals (per day about 30$ per person) 600,00 $
- including tip (15-20%) 102,00 $
whole price 4692,07 $

our hostel is here

We rent a car (Kia Rio) and drive to Yosemite National Park.
The rental fee from 07-19-2015 to 07-29-2015 costs 379,40 $.
day 4: San Francisco
We are in Disneyland the whole day and on the beach in the evening.

day 6: Hiking in Yosemite National Park

day 9: stay in the National Park Death Valley


- the official gate '
Dragon Gate
- was build in 1850
- 80.000 inhabitants
- 24 blocks in chinese architecture


typical American breakfast:

- pancake with maple syrup
- toast with egg and bacon
- orange juice or coffee with milk
- porridge from maize croaks


island: 9 hectares
- distance to mainland 2,2 km
- from 1933 to 1963 a prison for dangerous criminals

Golden Gate Bridge

- was build from 1933 to 1937
- length 2.737 metres
- width 27 metres
- street light 67 metres above the water


- opened in Anaheim in 1955 - building cost 17 Mio Dollar
- area: 34 hectares - 50.000 visitors per year
- entrance costs 92 $ per person

day 10: stopover to East Cronise Lake



Visitor Center

the camping place

Los Angeles International Airport
Walk of Fame
is a sidewalk with 2.537 stars
on both sides of the Hollywood boulevard.

The stars are awarded in 5 categories:
film, TV, music, radio and theatre.

Rodeo Drive
with many shops
of the international luxury brands

Hard Rock Cafe

is 20.000 square metres
The villas of the rich and beautyful ...
The Skyline of
Down Town
(community from LA) ...
in the background the
Rocky Mountains.
The lake lies in the
Mojave Desert
and has dried up.
Cable Car:

For more than 130 years the cable cars are pulled by wire ropes above the hills of the town - to the joy of residents and visitors.
Fisherman's Wharf:

In the Fisherman's Wharf fresh fish are sold in the early morning.
Later in the day the tourists come to shop, be entertained or drink coffee - looking at the activity or the bay.
Coit Tower:

The monument of the Telegraph Hills honors the voluntary fire brigade of the town. The social critical inside wall paintings have provoked discussions in the 1930s years.
Golden Gate Park:

The park is 5 km long up to the Pacific.
In it are bridle paths, museums, a enclosure for bison's, a field for Polo and a Japanese Tea house.
Lombard Street:

The Lombard Street is partially the U.S. Highway 101, leads to Golden
Gate Bridge and is one of the most important streets of the town.
The Lombard Street is famous as the
'most curvaceous street of the world'.
Ocean Beach
of San Francisco is 3,3 miles long.
Because of the strong stream swimming is very dangerous .

day 7: stopover at Lake Crowley

The colors of the
Artist's palette
caused by oxidation of different metals.
on the way to the Racetrack, Death Valley.
is the lowest point of the United States, 85.5 metres below sea level.
Because of the spiky salt crusts the place is called
Devil's Golf Course

Death Valley is one of the driest national parks in the United States.
In July the highest temperature is about 39 °C, Precipitation 0 mm !
In the USA grill-time
is mostly
between 4 and 6 o'clock pm daily

A menu costs around 10 $
El Capitan
is a monolith with an imposing height of 2307 metres northwestly of the Yosemite Valley.
East, compared to North of domes stand the
Half Dome
that is 2695 metres high.
It has the shape of a halved dome. South of the Half Dome is Nevada case upstream.
East of the Eagle Park the
Yosemite Falls,
with a height of 739 metres, fall down three
levels . The Yosemite Falls belong to the highest water falls of the earth and are
especially impressive in spring.
With the inlet of the Merced Canyon
2199 metres high, the
Glacier Point
jumps out in the southeast distance
of the Yosemite Valley. It is the nicest and most visited viewpoint in this area.
It offers a great view about the Yosemite Valley, Merced Canyon as well as over the High Sierra.
Yosemite Falls
El Capitan
Half Dome
Merced River
- departure from SF 8:00 am
- arrival in Yosemite 11:30 am
- after lunch in the
Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center
we find out about:
the national park,
its places of interest
and footpaths

Tuolumne Meadows
Mesquite sand Dunes
are 4 km² big and lie in the north of Death Valley. These sandy dunes are often used as a film scenery, for example 'Star Wars'.
The biggest dune is the Star Dune. It is very stable because the wind deposits the sand always at the exactly same place. Here the sand is about 50 meters high.
Telescope Peak
is the highest point in the park, 3366 meters about sea level, in the
Panamint Range
day 1:
- for transfer to the hostel we buy two

(a 3-day-ticket for one person costs 23 $)
- we live in
San Francisco International Hostel
4 overnight stays cost 183,32 $

Our way from Death Valley National park is 290 miles long.
We drive down along the coast for a while.
For lunch we visit a real American fast food restaurant.
Finally, after 5 hours we are there!
Sunset on the beach ...
Segway tour

costs 125 $

- check in at the Hotel '
Stay on Main
' in the
middle of LA, near the Pershing Square
- first we buy the


for 3$
per person per day (for coaches and railways)
- excursion to
Hollywood Hills
- the letters are 15 metres high
- visit of the

Universal Studios

(We'll travel by car more than 1.240 km.)
- Crowley Lake is a reservoir in southern Mono Country - it serves as storage for high water
- the lake contains some of the largest trout-fish
Vernal Fall
On the next day, we want to go there.
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