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The Coffee Club

No description

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Coffee Club

The Coffe Club
Executive Summary
SWOT and Environmental Analysis.
Business Opportunities.
Founded in 1989 by Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas.
Largest homegrown company in coffee industry in Australia.
The Coffee Club has 317 stores all over the world.
Provides three types of store’s concepts.
The company is also embarking in Corporate Social Responsibility.
Corporate Vision, Mission Statement and Corporate Goals
To be a global leader in retail food, coffee and franchising.

Good Food, Great Service & Excellent Coffee.
A welcoming relaxed meeting place enriching contemporary lifestyle.
The answer to "Where will I meet you?".

Environmental Analysis of the Industry and Competitive Audit
Political factors.
Economic factors.
Socio-Cultural factors.
Technological factors.
Environmental factors.
Legal factors.
SWOT Analysis
Brand awareness and recognition.
UTZ Certified.
3 Store Concept.
We recommend to The Coffe Club to expand abroad and open business in Singapore, due to all the benefits encountered .
I Gst A Yuliani Lestari Putra (16725276)
Antonia Escudero (16651575)
Juwita Tirza Ardila Gultom (16610233)
Tri Agriana Sari (16191194)

Social-cultural Factors
Competitive Audit
Controlling the Franchisees.
New products.
Good Infrastructure.
The Cost of Coffee Beans.
The Price of Coffee beans.
Global Recession.
Name Similarity.
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