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Advanced 7 Writing 1

No description

G F Dowling

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Advanced 7 Writing 1

Gathering Ideas

What could someone say that agrees with the Hermanson's Guilty Verdict?
What could someone who disagrees say?
Tree mapping
Past Unreal Conditionals
What is the thesis statement in the introduction?
What can you say about the conclusion?
What do you think about Norman Cousin's laugh theraphy?
Do you think there is any truth to the idea of mind - body interaction?
Have you or someone you know had a medical experience where the mind was stronger than the body?
Writing an opinion essay
What happened?
What happens to the comma when we put the result cause first?
What could have happened differently?
Create a dialog of two people arguing using past unreal conditional.
From the Power of Prayer....

What examples do you find in the body that are mentioned by the writer?
Analogies are like math equations.
Quick review:
Create sentences using the vocabulary terms.

Look at the context on pp.48-49 if you have difficulty understanding the meaning.
Think about differing opinions
Complete the tree map with your ideas and share them with a partner
Conditional clause
result clause.
If + subject + past perfect
subject +
would (not) have
could (not) have
might (not) have
+ past participle
Result clause
conditional clause
Write you thesis statement (It states your opinion about the topic) near the end of the paragraph
Supports the thesis statement by giving examples, details, reasons, and facts.
Restates the Thesis Statement and includes the writer's final opinion about the topic
Get readers attention on the topic.
Warm up
What do you think of what Alfonso Ugarte did? Would you do something like that?
They show relationships between words.
For example:
"Love is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get"
"Life is like an ocean; too deep to describe it, just live it."
If you hadn't gone through a red light, I couldn't have hit you!
If my brakes hadn't failed, I might have been able to avoid your car.
If you had had you're brakes checked more often, they might not have failed.
Police catch man snooping around neighboood
Making a judgement before you have all the facts
Using Anecdotes
Tallarin Saltado con Pollo
was terrible, but the wantan was ok"
Peeping Tom
Let Me Illustrate My Point
Jumping to Conclusions
Anecdotes are small stories many writers use to illustrate their point. Try to distinguish anecdotes from main ideas or topic sentences and explanations.
There are four anecdotes given int the text. Try to find the four anecdotes in the text. Identify the people and events for each of the stories. Then close your books and retell the stories. Afterward, report to the class on of the stories.
Can you remember a time when you jumped to a conclusion about something or someone only to find you were wrong later? How did feel after you discovered you were wrong?
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What do you know about the paparazzi?
Paparazzi at It Again
Preparing to write
What is your opinion about what they do?
Why do you think that?

How would you feel if you were followed by the paparazzi?

Step one: put any and all ideas in paper good or bad.
Step two: pick something specific to write about.

Please speak English only
Be on time
Do your homework

Writing 1|Writing 2|Writing 3|ALP|Mid Term|Final
Your Project Grade will be based on your writing portfolio
Your writing portfolio will contain writing done inside and outside of class (including homework).
Please do all assignments
including homework
it will be part of your grade

We will be doing process writing throughout the course. Avoid being absent since preliminary writings are factored into your grade (not just the final draft)
The mid term exam will be on the ninth day of class.
The final exam will be on the seventeenth day of class.

The Daily Press
Critical thinking
1. According to the article, how did journalists in the past differ from those today?
2. If you were a reporter who had a personal story about a celebrity that would hurt his/her family, would you report it? Explain.
3. Would you report it if you knew another reporter also had the story? Support your choice with convincing reasons.
4. If we do something that is newsworthy, do we have a right to privacy? Explain your reasons.
Passive Voice



Be Past Participle

by Object


the ball
The ball

was kicked

by me
Summary Paragraphs
-includes a topic sentence
-focus on the main and controlling ideas
-do not contain many details
Time Transitions
In the beginning...
What do these words show us?
Overcoming obstacles
Focus on the topic
Look at the title and the picture. What is the young woman doing with her hands?
Main Ideas vs. Details
How can you destinguish main ideas from details?
Critical thinking
Do you know anyone blind or deaf pesonally?
How do people become deaf, blind, or mute?
Read the caption. What was wrong with Hellen Keller?
What do you know about the people in the pictures?

Amelia Earhart
Walt Disney
Lance Armstrong
Anne Frank
Main ideas
The topic of the paragraph
More general
The gist
Support topic
More specific
The details
According to information in the article,how did Frank McCourt feel about his education and background? What paragraph prodived this information?
How was his poverty similar to or different than his students?
Do you think anyone can become successful in the United States? Explain/
Why does he say that his students gave him lessons in courage?
In the chart, what type of information will you use?
What it the topic?
What is the controlling idea going to be?
What kind of topic sentence can we make?
Do the details match the topic sentence?
Can be used as the
Can be used as a
(but is very formal and not common but usually found with a subject compliment)
to + (base verb)
Can be used as the
after certain verbs.
e.g. enjoy, acknowledge, recall
See appendixes 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, and 18 in your advanced grammar books
Can be used after certain verbs.
-as an
e.g. learn, decide, agree
-after an object e.g. urge, persuade
-or both e.g. want, ask, need.
Can be used as an
object of a preposition
e.g. of, in, for, about
See pp. 260-263
& 274-278 in your Advanced grammar 2 book
Can be used after certain adjectives e.g. free, able, hard
Can be used afte certain nouns e.g ability, freedom.
Portfolios will be collected three times. Each collection will be worth one point. If your portfolio is late, you will lose half credit for that check. Also, if the portfolio is incomplete (this includes journals and homework), you will lose half a point. Assignments done the day of the collection are not considered for these collections unless otherwise stated by me. Be sure to have a table of contents (index) and labeled section divisions as they are also considered in the completeness of your portfolio.
2) Classwork
All written activities from the book that are not grammar or part of the writing (including activities that were not completed in class due to lack of time such as Express Opinions and Synthesize)
Begin your portfolio with a Table of Contents:

Vocabulary Log
Journal Entries
1) Vocabulary Log
a) new word + part of speech
b) dictionary definition
c) dictionary example
d) your own example (Your own sentence using the new word)
e.g. Give up (v.) the act of quitting.
He gave up smoking.
I wanted to quit, but my friend told me not to give up.
4) Writings
Include pre-writing (brainstorms, charts, etc.), rough drafts, and final drafts (in the final copy highlight the points covered in each unit such as grammar, vocabulary, and other expressions or tips)

Grammar sections are typically assigned as homework since they are mostly a review and most of the class time is devoted to writing.
A reflection paragraph is required for research- write one personal reaction paragraph about your research or findings.
Add any activities assigned from North Star Lab: Focus on Reading, Academic Skills (A&B) from the units covered in this course (Compulsory).
5) Journal entries
Daily entries each entry should contain half of a page single spaced. (a full page if double spaced)
Include your personal thoughts and reasons for those thoughts about the subject you write about.
6) Miscellaneous
The section will include handouts, notes, etc. that do not fit into the other sections.
Label each section of your portfolio
What is genius?
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