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The Hearts Desire ~

No description

Sarah Dow

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hearts Desire ~

The Hearts Desire ~
this girl who falls in love with a guy and they grow up together, without either of them knowing they like each other- though it's obvious. Soon she meets Caroline. They become best friends and then Allen hurts Peyton, emotionally without intentionally, with Caroline saying, ''UGH IT'S OBVIOUS SHE LIKES YOU AND YOU FREAKING DATE THIS GIRL AND RUB IT IN HER FACE!'' and stuff and that's why you hate him. Caroline keep bothering him about it telling him Peyton loves him and that he's an asshole until he hates you, too. Soon, you meet this guy, Michael, but Caroline soon find out he's with another girl Lisa. Now Caroline's hurt from this even though Caroline doesn't know Michael feels the same way about her. Soon, after a month or shorter, Danielle is introduced, though Peyton and Danielle have already met and were friends already. Caroline ends up hating her, though she pretend not to so you don't cause any unnecessary fights or arguments. Soon she meets a guy Caroline hate, who follows Caroline around bothering her, David. And Peyton tells him to ask Danielle out, and Danielle says yes. But later do we find out Danielle never liked him, but David has some strong feelings.. for her. Soon, Peyton meets another boy, Sai (Sonia <3). And Allen gets quite jealous. But Peyton's too stupid to notice Allen loves her, but after Allen got a girlfriend, she wasn't sure what her feelings were for her.
Short summary of the story.

''Prefers reading over being with others. Usually is listening to her favorite music- mainly sad songs. Crushing on two guys, but can't choose. Cares for her friends more than herself, but her anger issues makes her selfish a majority of the time which leads to arguments.''
Peyton Kite.
''Depressed. Thinks everyone is better than him but has to believe he's better than everyone; which shows his selfish side. Believes self harm helps his problems. Usually goes out of control when emotional stuff happens. Always makes choices when mad.''
Allen Smith.
''Two favorite things: Shopping and her friends. Usually starts drama but Peyton continues the drama. Normally lots of arguments. Crushing on a certain guy in the group. Cares for her friends and puts them first over anything else. She's anything but selfish.''
Caroline Accola.
''Cat person. Prefers cats over humans and would choose them over her friends any day. Very selfish, spoiled, but is there when you need her.. sometimes. Always talks about something no one else knows, and can't take hints.''
Danielle Parkers.
Each major character will get their own prezi, eventually. Probably not though.
''Very smart. Normally shy but is becoming more and more outgoing everyday. Has a crush on one of the best looking girls in the group, but he has a feeling she doesn't like him back, or does she?''
''Not-so-smart, but has a nice personality and is very pretty. Out-going. Is popular. Has a feeling a guy in the group likes her, but she only likes him as a friend, but she's not so sure. She has lots of friends but only her friends in the group and Maltese are the ones who are there for her. She always feels people like her for her looks. But that's not true.''

''Has a british accent, so the group loves to make him talk. He 'fancies' his girlfriend, Danielle, as they would say. Usually off-topic, like all the time. Normally confusing and makes no sense at all. Caroline hates him because he ''stalks, he's annoying, etc.'' Loves sports.''
''Quiet and solitude, normally stays from the crowd. Loves all animals, but her favorite is turtles. Has a few other friends outside of the group, mainly one named Olivia.''
''Has a huge temper and attitude. Loves being bossy, and thinks he should be respected back when he shows disrespect. He has a dark, evil.. secret. It's revealed in the story, too.''
Lucas Chase.
''Peyton's mother, engaged to Lucas. Caring, loving, understanding, but has a temper, and when unleashed it's pretty bad.''
Annabelle Kite.
''Very, very nice. Majority of the time, doesn't cause the drama. Cares for her friends equally. Isn't selfish in any way, or shows it that way. ''
''Nice personality, doesn't like to intentionally ditch people. Tries to please everyone, but always says ''Leave me out of this!'' whenever an argument sprouts.''
''Rarely ever talks. Normally uses body language or some sort of way to communicate. Crushing on a certain girl in the group, but she loves another.. Doesn't know what to do about this.''
Sai Marsh.
Representative: Sonia
''Has a crush on someone, but with the wrong guy. He's got a secret that will be discovered in the book. And it ruins Stephanie, and breaks her heart.''
''Drama queen. Selfish. Likes to blame others but cares for her friends, or family. Her sister is Jessica and her cousin is Taylor.''
Representative: Brian
Representative: Amaya
Representative: Leslie
Representative: Nikki
Representative: Adam
Representative: Erin
Representative: Sage
Representative: Jessica
Representative: Sarah
Representative: Richard
Representative: Sami
Representative: James
''A guy who can't take a hint.''
''Really nice, way too nice if you ask me. Really cares for her friends. Never gets what she wants. Anything but spoiled.''
''Really awkward, random, and hilarious. Obsessed with cheese, and considers caroline as her sister.''
Loves to copy others, then says it's ''not copying'', even though it is. Tries to act innocent with the whole ''Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it blah blah'' stuff. She's also a hypocrite but she's well liked.
''#1 worst mother''
''Depressed. Judged. Never feeling good enough. Always wants the best for others, and never accepts help.''
''Makes fun of someone's grammar when hers is awful, doesn't even know her ''you'res'' and ''yours.'' Sad..''
Slutty little whore who thinks everyone likes her. Everyone hates her. Bullies people younger and ''uglier'' than her, when in reality, she's the fucking ugly one. She can't take a hint, at all. She's a stupid, ugly little whore.
Works as a prostitute.
Representative: BroKatz
Representative: Sammy
Representative: Sutton/Maria
Representative: KerryJewel
Representative: Tabulous
Representative: Buildergirl
Representative: Camyrn/Tabitha
Representative: Emilee
Representative: Lynda
Representative: Sami''s dad
Representative: Megan
Representative: Kevin
''Is engaged to a girl who
is bad for him. Believes she loves him more than anything, but truth is, he's too good for her. And a certain other girl wants him back.''
''Annoying. Can't take a hint. But he's hilarious. He has a crush on almost everyone - mainly Jenna (Minor character) and Peyton.''

Representative: Stevestinks
''Really sweet, but distant, tries to be out of the way a lot, and doesn't like confrontation.''
Sister of Rosalle, cousin of Taylor.
Representative: Bri
Representative: Summer
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