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Life in Benin

No description

Veronica Garcia

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Life in Benin

A scope of the life in Benin, unique
cultural practices, beliefs and the community.

This essay was rooted from Equiano's travels, It was written by Olaudah Equiano who shared the life and customs of the people in Benin, He specified the simplicity of the people and how they worked with their everyday lives. It emphasized their chief employment, abundant resources and beliefs together with their rituals or practices.
Thank you!
The Author
Enano, Joanna Marie
Garcia, Veronica
Ocampo, Rachel anne BSNII-B
The essay gives information that is mainly about how the people work and how they live to manage every situation in their life. It implies a way of living particularly in a cooperative and fruitful way.
Olaudah Equiano
Gustavus Vassa
Born in Nigeria
Kidnapped and soled into slavery (11 years old)
Freed from Captain in Royal Navy
Involved in efforts to abolish slave trade
Olaudah wanted to present the unique beauty of the way of life and customs in his community. To be able to share and enable readers to learn and explore something
In the first part, he introduced the
of Benin, with regards to their manners,dressings and employment.
Furthermore, he introduced their
way of living
in terms of their cookery, manner of eating,practices,luxury.
Structural buildings,
furnitures and land were also mentioned together with the ways of their
and tillage. They also believed in the
Creator and the spirits.

The people of Benin have simple manners luxuries and way of living:
wears long piece highland plaid "calico"
dye the clothings blue
employed either in tillage or weaving cotton
unaquainted with refinements in cookery ; debauch taste
Head of family, eats alone, wives and slaves have separate tables
always washes hands
libation - offered foods
principal beverage is palm wine.
principal luxury: perfumes
Buildings focused on convenience
Each master of family has a large square piece of ground
each side, wife has separate apartments.
never exceed one story height.
built from wood and stakes from the ground; roof thached with reeds
Neighborhood give unanimous assistance
Indian corn, cotton, tobacco, pineapples, spices and delicious fruits
Creator lives behind the sun
belief of transmigration of souls.
Transition devices:
As to


As a traveler and a native of Nigeria, with his eager observations, Olaudah came to write this essay for the exploration of the life in Benin and how the people cope and live with the resources availabe to them and furthermore, making known the beauty and simplicity of the culture and the community.
Strict or Impersonal Essay -
The essay deals with the way of living concerning all customs and culture which are serious topics made clear and objective.

Deductive pattern -
Each paragraphs would start from a general idea of each topic and generally specifies each of those topics.

Life in Benin
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