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Marketing and Publicizing a Library Gift

No description

LaTasha Jones

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Marketing and Publicizing a Library Gift

Marketing and Publicizing a Library Gift
"Library Gift" in Context
Borrowing vs Lending
What is Marketing?
What is a Communication Plan?
What is Publicity?

6,300+ students
43 undergraduate
23 master's level
1 doctoral program in education leadership
Spring 2016
Amp it Up
Decrease Fear + Confusion
What Gives?
Increase in borrowing requests that coincided with the collapse of our institution's budget?
Interlibrary Loan Department
A part of the Reference Department

Staffed by a borrowing and lending assistant, as well as a departmental supervisor (librarian)

Illiad and Worldshare

Free of charge
Target Groups
Fayetteville State University
Friday, July 15, 2016
11:50-12:30 Concurrent Sessions
East Conference Room

NC Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Conference
National Humanities Center
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Charles W. Chesnutt Library
Charles Waddell Chesnutt (1858-1932)
8 librarians and 15 support staff
"A patron services gift"
June 2015 - June 2016
Our Current 'Efforts'
Our Deficiencies
Practical Implications
Decrease fear of and confusion about using the service

Amp up marketing and explanation efforts

Target the groups that need it most

Best use of existing tools to reach above goals
Use Existing Tools
Example Communication Plan
General confusion and interest
Ratio of users to actual requests
High stakes research
Instant gratification

What Gives?
Bibliographic instruction
No formal plan
Poor placement
Catalog link
Internal tools and resources
Marketable and successful within the global market
Encourage faculty and staff to write and publish original content
Library budget cut each year
How should we respond?
Practical Implications
Practical Implications
Practical Implications
Practical Implications
Practical Implications
Practical Implications
What does the literature say?
Our Current 'Efforts'
Consider changing textbook loan policy, as undergrads typically look at ILL as an alternative means to acquire their textbooks
Make sure they have the option to select an alternate edition
ILL as a method to acquire textbooks can meet students’ expectations, with caveats
Declines in funding have forced libraries to look at ways to cut spending
The library, a center for study and research, is (or should be) the cornerstone academic resource for any student
There are no easy ways to solve the budget crunch of an academic institution
Libraries are experienced in dealing with budget cuts
Financial problems could present libraries with opportunities to change the paradigm of library services and staffing

Educate interlibrary loan patrons to increase timeliness of materials received and realistic expectations of services
BI classes, guides, social media, reference interview, ILL interview (9-10)
Use of automation and technology to increase interlibrary loan staff’s requesting effectiveness and timeliness to achieve patron satisfaction

#icanhazpdf hashtag has emerged on Twitter as a way for researchers to request and obtain journal articles quickly and efficiently
librarians should be aware of #icanhazpdf as yet one more avenue of scholarly sharing
librarians can and should examine the use of #icanhazpdf for the insights it provides into user behavior
the #icanhazpdf phenomenon is a rich source of information for librarians who are seeking to understand patron behaviour and improve library services in the areas of scholarly communication, library instruction, and interlibrary loan.

Many undergraduates claimed they did not use interlibrary loan because they did not know about this service
Students reported that they learned about interlibrary loan from their professors more than from any other source
Librarians can take steps to further develop the library's interlibrary loan website, take advantage of faculty support of interlibrary loan and consider other ways more responsive to students' needs
(Munson, 2013)
(McClasin, 2010)
(Smith, 2008)
(Swab, 2016)
(Frank, 2006)
polishing the truth
an ongoing conversation with your target audience
combines PR, advertising, and publicity
giving out information about a product/service for promotional purposes
a part of overall marketing plan
includes focused audiences, services, and programs
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