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Weird Crime Theater Prezi

No description

Sascha Ellis

on 10 July 2011

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Transcript of Weird Crime Theater Prezi

http://www.weirdcrimetheater.com/ Created by Muele Jarvis and Kumar Sivasubramanian Muele Jarvis is an artist and blogger.
Works on another comic, "elbis", about a cat who loves jazz music and an orphaned girl.
Jarvis has lived in New York, San Francisco and says "the distinct cultures in each of these cities has contributed to shaping his unique vision." Grew up in Canada, lived in Japan and now resides in Austrailia.
Contributed "FULL THROTTLE" to the monthly comic compilation Dark Horse Presents, and a former correspondent for Wizard Magazine and Anime Insider.
He is currently working for an animation studio as an english language consultant much like Guy Delisle did in "Pyongyang". Significance of the Title "Weird Crime Theatre" Pulp fiction
Matches the zany characters Throwback to older comics "Tales from Crypt" "Crime Stories"

Grindhouse/Tarantino Granny Kinkade Melissa Mix of James Dean and Elvis Pressley. Has section on website/blog call Granny's 'This is The Shit!!'. Not only a webcomic but also a blog/website. Published every Tuesday and Friday. Grade 11 Student. (a.k.a Melissa The Conqueror) "Melissa's Track of the Day" is her contribution to the site. Character design definitely influenced by Manga and Anime. Self-involved. Main Characters His dialouge is comical and sarcastic. Speaks like an Ancient Samurai. Comic book legend Dave Sim brings his iconic character Cerebus to Episode 3: Dead Poets Society Recently (April 12th) wrapped up with a 10th and final chapter. Now looking to get published as a graphic novel. Cluelessly stumbles through many different situations. Ultra-violent and unforgiving. Themes Visual Style Online illustrator Brocasso adds colour during Episodes 4-8. Black and white for episodes 1-4, coloured for episodes 4-8, then 9 and 10 go back to black and white. The black and white episodes have more of a focus on the characters. The coloured episodes focus more on the action and settings. Gutters are used to show the results of the main duo's unruly violence. Innovation Mixing a comic book with a blog. Gives the readers a new connection with the characters and the writers. The content can cover anything from written entries, videos and photographs. SATIRE:
No one is safe.
Radical groups, movies, and television all become targets.

Their are many influences that are revealed throughout "Weird Crime Theatre".
Homage is paid to these influences within the dialouge and art. Both of these themes reflect pop culture today being repetitive and self-referencial. PLOT There is no real plot in "Weird Crime Theatre". It is a collection of cases with their own plots and no overlapping connections. Presented much like the one-off crime, mystery and horror comics of yesteryear. "Using elegant layerings of past, present and future, Mulele creates a temporal surrealism that gives visual form to the impact of mythos and memory on the urban experience in a multi-cultural world." By simply clicking the frame the page is turned. This gives it a more authentic feeling. From: www.WeirdCrimeTheatre.com “It’s all just grist for popular culture,” Mulele says. “There’s an obsession with American and Japanese film behind my work, shorn up by a plethora of music, a smattering of comics and truckload of Ramen.” From: www.WeirdCrimeTheatre.com The black and white chapters focus on the characrters while the coloured chapters focus on the setting and action.
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