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The False Prince Book Project

No description

Anisa L

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of The False Prince Book Project

The False Prince Book Project
Main Character
pg. 37" Your father was a worthless musician", Connor said.
This quote is important because Connor didnt know that the kings hobby was music and if he did he should have been a little suspicious when Sage mastered the Carthyain accent very quickly.

pg. 79 "i'm not sitting in a chair meant for five-year-olds. get me a real chair"
This quote is important beacause it shows Sage/Jaron's personality of being stubborn and rude by disobeying when Master Graves told him to sit in the small chair.

pg. 257 "After a deep breath, Mott lowered himself to one knee and bowed his head. 'What I think, if you forgive me of my blindness is that I was never looking at Sage the orphan. I kneel before the living prince of Carthya. You are Prince Jaron.'"
This quote is important because Mott was the first person to figure out the truth.
The False Prince By: Jennifer A. Neilsen
Project by: Anisa Luangaphay
The main character in the false prince is a 14 year old orphan named Sage who is later revealed to be Prince Jaron. Sage/Prince Jaron is described to have dark blond hair but getting lighter, medium height, green eyes and a forgettable face. When he was younger is described to have light brown hair with darker steaks underneath and bright green eyes. Connor makes the boys go through a transformation so they could look more like Jaron, making Sage/Jaron dye and cut his hair.

Sage/Jaron's personality is sarcastic, stubborn & rude. Which he usually displays when he back talks or talks to anyone.

As Sage he fakes to be a son of a barmaid which his mother was be fore she was queen and a musician from his fathers love for music.
In Carthya an orphan, named Sage steals a roast and the butcher chases after him. He then trips and is beaten by the butcher when a nobleman, named Connor stops the butcher from doing any more damage who then buys Sage and Sage then has to be taken by force. Connor also bought three other boys for a dangerous and deadly plan, Connor tricks the four boys saying he will let the boys go if they wish, one boy Latamer a sick orphan falls for the trick and dies. Connor reveals his plan is to have one of the boys pose as Prince Jaron the long lost son of the revealed to be dead royal family, Connor give the three reamianing boys (Sage, Roden and Tobias) two weeks to prove themselves to him or die. Roden is then chosen as the winner after Sage mouths Connor but then Sage gets chosen when its revealed he can to a coin trick Prince Jaron was famous for, later it is revealed by the author is that Prince Jaron is actually Sage who was in hiding for his own safety after he was attacked by pirates four years ago.
Visual Representation, Sage/Jaron before transformation to the left, Sage/Jaron after transformation to the right.
7th grade 5th period Medina
The false prince takes place in medieval times in a fictional land with fictional countries. The country that the false prince takes place in is called Carthya. In Carthya the story takes place in a small town where Sage's orphanage is, Connor's estate, the castle and the castle sewage drain where Sage battles Roden.

Jenniefer A. Nielsen




Other Characters
Mott- he is described tall, dark-skined, almost bald lean and muscular he is also Connor's head, befriends Sage/Jaron

Tobias-blonde, educated, tries to kill Sage/Jaron(is forgiven)

Roden-large, tan, tries to kill Sage/Jaron

Cregan-short and pale,has blonde hair worn in a ponytail, dislikes Sage/Jaron

Connor- former regent, killed Latamer & the royal family

Royal Family- King Eckberk, Queen Erin & Prince Darius all killed by Connor

Latamer- he was sick and was killed by Cregan under Connor's orders
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