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Vanessa Arriaza

on 10 December 2012

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Ten Miles Past Normal Theme the moral of this book is to be yourself and to not let anyone change you to something else just to be popular. i also saw that it had a lot of bullying in it. i think the bullying was really harsh and i also think that people change once there are in high school. Character Map Manure: i later inferred that it means animal poop. EX: " it was right on my foot, the goat manure." Words Janie weird different I think Janie is different because
the way they describe the way she dresses. she mixes her clothes. "and your killing those red boots" Emma said. i think Janie is weird
because she talks to her
goat. "sarah and i have
already started our
project...." says sarah talking to her goat, Lorretta Self-Cautous i think janie is self-cautous
because she is always
worrying about what people
think about her. Schema i know a book that
is by the same author
it is called " The Secret
Laungauge Of Girls"
and it is about the same concept it deals with Friendship and Family i think that this book
relates with me with
friendship. Our friendship
is ruined because of Boys.
When one doesn't spend
time with each other cause
of a boy. we get into fights i know the world is
full of people living on the farm and going to school at the same time. people sometimes say and dont think and they bully Flabbergasted: i inferred flaber gasted as suprised. EX: " you would be flabergasted. my mom's reputation was how bad at cooking she was.." absurdly: i inferred that it means
annoying or horrible. " i awoke to
a absurdly sound by our rooster Ty Cobb." farmette: i inferred it was a farm but not an important farm. it meant a small farm.EX: " it's more of a farmette flannel: i inferred that it was a button shirt. EX: " i put on my favorite flannel shirt with only to buttons unbutton" ex-convicts: cool kids.EX:"like ex convicts."
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