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No description

Mason McDowell

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Nightwing

Mason McDowell
Nightwing aka Richard "Dick" Grayson
Is a fictional comic book character Dick Grayson was created by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Dick Grayson was first Batman's sidekick (Robin) from the age of 14-18. Then at the age of 18 Dick set out on his own and became the superhero Nightwing
Continued from last slide..
Then after Dick got word that Batman had died Dick decides to become Batman but after finding out that Bruce Wayne (Batman) faked his death and comes back to Gothom Dick goes back to the Nightwing you see today.
The Nightwing you see today in the comics is the New 52 Nightwing with a new suit and gear.
Dick was born into a circus called Haileys Circus, with his parents in the act called the flying Graysons. When his parents were brutally murdered, Bruce Wayne took him in.
Continued from last slide..
Bruce trained Dick Grayson to fight and handle himself while fighting criminals, but it made it a lot easier that Dick was already acrobatic with training from the circus. With time Bruce molded Dick Grayson into Robin, Batman's sidekick.
Nightwings gear consists 2 Escrima sticks (which are custom batons with tasers on the end) Which can also be attached together and be used as a staff. WingDings (custom baturangs) and a utility belt containing a grappling hook and other useful things.
Today Nightwings future is still being written by the people at DC comics
Thanks For Watching!
Everything Done By: Mason McDowell
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