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Lesson Plan: Wish Clauses

For 7th grade intermediate students

Didem Ergin

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Lesson Plan: Wish Clauses

My Complete Lesson Plan
4. Writing (2')
Giving the instruction:

Didem Ergin

Lesson Plan: Wish Clauses

5. Evaluation & Summary (3')
- Summarizing the Wish clauses at the end of the lesson

- Asking the class if they have any questions

- If there are any questions, answering them and/or explaining the topic in a different way

- In addition to the writing task, asking students to do the exercises in their workbooks as their homework

- If the exercises in the workbooks have already been done during the grammar part, distributing the worksheets brought in the class

- Giving feedback to the students

- Thanking to the class for their attention and attendance

1. Warm-up (4')

- Where is this bird going?

- Do you wish you were on vacation right now?

- Where do you wish you were right now instead of in the classroom?

- What do you wish you were doing at the moment ?
Speaking & Writing Activities (20')
2. Presenting the Instructional Objectives (1')

Any Questions?


Disney vacation







3. Speaking Task: Types of Vacation
For the speaking activity:

- Asking the class to create groups consisting of 3 students

- Distributing the hand-outs to the class for the upcoming speaking activity

- Telling students that they are expected to think of all the items they might need on a vacation using the 'Wish' structure

- Explaining that each student should take notes on the forms - not in complete sentences, only key words

For example: "take", "camera" etc.

- Starting to show pictures of different types of vacation on the projector

- Giving students enough time to take notes on the papers in front of them

- Once every student has finished writing, getting each group to read their list, while others listen

- Going around to other groups and ask each group read their sentences

- While getting students to read their sentences, asking some students why they think they wish they had those certain items with them

- Asking students to imagine that they have been living on a desert island alone for more than a year and write a letter to their family/friends expressing their wishes and dreams using Wish structure

- This task is given as homework due to the limited amount of time and will be evaluated in the next class.
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