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Copy of Daydreamer

Year 7 literacy booster

cath cumine

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Daydreamer

The Daydreamer by Ian McEwan Read the BLURB-
What do you know?
What do you think you know?
What do you want to know? The Cat
1. Read the chapter around the class.
2. Storyboard into eight key events working in pairs.
3. Share using the visualiser
4. Direct speech work Grammar Starter 2-
Direct Speech From the inexhaustible imagination of Ian McEwan--a master of contemporary fiction and author of the Booker Prize-winning national bestseller Amsterdam--an enchanting work of fiction that appeals equally to children and adults.

First published in England as a children's book, The Daydreamer marks a delightful foray by one of our greatest novelists into a new fictional domain. In these seven exquisitely interlinked episodes, the grown-up protagonist Peter Fortune reveals the secret journeys, metamorphoses, and adventures of his childhood. Living somewhere between dream and reality, Peter experiences fantastical transformations: he swaps bodies with the wise old family cat; exchanges existences with a cranky infant; encounters a very bad doll who has come to life and is out for revenge; and rummages through a kitchen drawer filled with useless objects to discover some not-so-useless cream that actually makes people vanish. Finally, he wakes up as an eleven-year-old inside a grown-up body and embarks on the truly fantastic adventure of falling in love. Moving, dreamlike, and extraordinary, The Daydreamer marks yet another imaginative departure for Ian McEwan, and one that adds new breadth to his body of work. How to get ideas and inspiration? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9LZfX3Y8TI&feature=relmfu Punctuating direct speech
Sort it out!! You can cheat on page 41!
His sister Kate was running into the room crying. And following her were his parents, looking very grim. Oh Peter his sister cried something terrible has happened. It’s William Cat his mother explained I’m afraid he’s… Oh William Kate’s wail drowned her mothers words. He just walked into the kitchen his father said and climbed onto the radiator closed his eyes and …died. He didn’t feel a thing Viola Fortune said reassuringly. 1. Discuss false or true statements before reading chapter. Decide in pairs which ones you believe to be true and false. Mark down on sheet.
2. Read chapter one around the class- one paragraph each.
3. Complete quiz of false or true questions.
4. Compile factfiles on Peter. http://kidsbookzone.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/10-roald-dahl-facts.html Sample factfile Activate Prior Knowledge
Question, Analyse and Evaluate.
1. Read the review (cloze procedure and guess the words)
2. Mindmap what is being said
3. Look at effective words
4. Rehearse spellings - find antonyms and synonyms
5. Review a chapter using new words and sentence patterns Vanishing cream
Analyse and Infer.
What is inference? Do inference sums to practice your inference skills.
After reading the chapter and making notes as
a reading log create a list of 5 questions you have
for Peter.
HOTSEAT Peter. Take it in turns to be Peter and ask him your questions. The Bad Doll
Create antonym word wall for "bad"
Choose exciting sentences that build tension,
copy them down and break down the sentence using your table.
Write new versions of them using the key components.
Play around with extending and altering the sentences.
Break down the chapter onto a recount skeleton.
Draw a tension graph

Facts about Peter- TRUE OR FALSE
He throws milk bottles
He loves potatoes
His face is pale and freckled
He has two sisters
He likes to daydream
He is deaf
He likes being with other people
He is adventurous
His mother is called Violet
He had a daydream about wolves
He is not good at Maths
He is an adult now ACTIVATE YOUR PRIOR KNOWLEDGE- talk to your partner using the prompts worksheet. Grammar Starter 2
Commas. The Bully Grammar Starter-Nouns and Adjectives Grammar Starter 3- Types of Sentence. Grammar Starter 3-
Connectives and Sentence Openings Grammar Starter 2-
Verbs and Adverbs Grammar Starter 1-
Full Stops. Grammar Starter-
Paragraphs. Grammar Starter 2- Capital Letters. Grammar Starter-
Direct and Indirect Questions Grammar Starter 2- Closed and Open Questions. Grammar Starter- Verb Tenses Visualise. Find three adjectives that relate to Barry's appearance. Draw what you believe him to look like, then show your partner. Why have you drawn him this way?

Precis. Summarise what happens in this chapter in:
50 words
15 words
5 words.

Justify. Pick 5 words to describe how Barry might be feeling in this chapter with reasons why.

Empathy- Analyse and Infer. Write a diary entry looking at events from Barry's perspective. Grammar Starter- Apostrophes. Grammar Starter 2- Homophones The Burglar Analyse and Evaluate.

Using Point. Evidence. Explain. (P.E.E.) for close analysis. How is tension built when the burglar arrives? P101-102. Make a P.E.E mobile to answer the question. Grammar Starter- Prepositions The Baby Visualise, analyse and infer. Thought tracking.
In groups, create a sequence of three freeze frames of key moments in the chapter.
As a group, write down what you believe the characters in your freeze frame to be thinking, and narrate to the class when presenting your freeze frame. The Grown Up Analyse and Connect Constructing an argument. Use your prior knowledge. Draw a table with things you think would be good and not so good about being a grown-up.
Add to the list with information from the chapter. Analyse and Evaluate Using the template given, review 'The Daydreamer.' Grammar Starter-
Colons and Semi-Colons. Grammar Starter 2- Revision Quiz 1. Grammar Starter- Revision Quiz 2

Facts about Peter- TRUE OR FALSE
He throws milk bottles
He loves potatoes
His face is pale and freckled
He has two sisters
He likes to daydream
He is deaf
He likes being with other people
He is adventurous
His mother is called Violet
He had a daydream about wolves
He is not good at Maths
He is an adult now Visualise and Question Look at the clues on the time capsule and try to predict the events of the chapter!
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