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Fractured Fairy Tales: Year 5

No description

T Campain

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Fractured Fairy Tales: Year 5

Fractured Fairy Tales
Nouns and Adjectives
Possessive Nouns
Story Research
Click on ONE of these pictures below. Write a detailed description about everything you can see. (Tip: Start with the character)
Make sure to use lots of adjectives and nouns!
When you are finished swap your description with a partner and try to draw the scene they have described.
Soon you will have to write your own fractured fairy tale: Use this time to get some ideas! Any ideas you want to keep, record on http://padlet.com/
The Parts of a Story
What do you know about narrative structure?
The first thing you need to do it create a brainstorm that answers this question
Use: https://bubbl.us/
Next go to this website and complete the activities about the exposition, conflict, climax and resolution.
Using the worksheet your teacher gives you identify the different parts of The True Story of The Three Little Pigs. Use the video to help you remember how the story goes.
Now reread the story, The True Story of The Three Little Pigs.
1. List all of the possessive nouns you can find.
2. Sort these nouns in to singular and plural.
See how much money you can win playing Rags to Riches!
Read the slides to help you understand how possessive nouns work:
Read the following sentences and replace the word "said" with a more specific word. CLUE: Use the pictures and poster to help you!
Now reread "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. In groups, think of words that you could replace within the story to be more specific.
"I don't want to go shopping for clothes"

“I forgot to do my homework, don’t tell the teacher!”

to Lucas that his soccer team should win on the weekend.

"Ready, Steady, Write"
Now that you have written your draft, it's time to get some feedback from others!
Positive Comments:
- I really like the way...
- I enjoyed...
- This section reminded me of...
Constructive Feedback:

-I'd like to suggest...
- I think you need to...
- Have you thought about...
Look at the words
Look at the whole text
Look at sentences
- Does my writing make sense?
- Does my writing flow?
- Have I read it aloud?

- Does each sentence make sense?
- Are any too long or short?
- Can I add detail or delete words to improve my writing?
- Have I used a variety of words?
- Can I substitute a more interesting word?
The Frog Prince: http://www.frogprince.ca/book/2152-f2-the-frog-prince
Rapunzel (Mixed Up): http://www.rapunzel.ca/book/2356-f4-rapunzel
Hansel and Gretel (Mixed Up): http://www.hanselandgretel.ca/book/2321-f4-hansel-and-gretel
Little Red Riding Hood (Mixed Up): http://www.littleredridinghood.ca/book/2339-f2-little-red-riding-hood
Rumpelstiltzkin (Mixed Up): http://www.rumpelstiltzkin.com/book/2301-f2-rumpelstiltzkin
It's now time to start writing your draft. Follow all the tips found in the brainstorm below.
Work with a partner, and share your writing. Ask for constructive feedback to help you improve your story.
It's time to get your story ready for you to present it. Here are some ideas for how you can present your good copy:

- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft PowerPoint
- eBook Creator (iPad)
- Prezi
- Microsoft Publisher

If you have another idea, ask your teacher.
It's time to start planning your story!
Use this link for an online die
Activity 1: "Roll-a-Story"
Complete this activity to get more ideas for the characters, setting and problem in your story. Watch the video for instructions.

Activity 2: Story Mountain
Using the ideas from previous lessons, and the "roll-a-story" begin filling in your story mountain for your fractured fairytale.
Asia Education Foundation
Bonus Tasks

Choose any of these bonus tasks to complete...
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