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Johannes Kepler Presentation

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Tabitha Kim

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Johannes Kepler Presentation

By Antonio, Daniel, Yuri and Tabitha Johannes Kepler Contents Who is Johannes Kepler? Johannes Kepler's Theory of The Universe What did Johannes Kepler research about the solar system? His 3 Laws of Planetary Motion References Born in December 27th in 1571
Died at age of 58 on November 15th in 1630
Was the eldest son of a poor family
Graduated Tubingen University Johannes Kepler came up with multiple theories,
some of these theories include:

- He was the founder of "celestial mechanics"

- "celestial mechanics" is fancy for planetary motion.

- He also disovered that planets moved in ellipses not in circles as previously believed.

-In addition to his theories on the structure of the Universe, Kepler made important headway into the field of optics, and made many improvements in modern day Gemetry. Johannes Kepler identified 3 rules that occur in the solar system. Page 1-2. Background Information
Page 3-5. Theories and Discoveries
Page 6. References Designed by Johannes Kepler http://www.johanneskepler.com/
https://thescienceclassroom.wikispaces.com/Johannes+Kepler Before Astronomy...? Used to be a professor in Maths and Astronomy
Inspired by Nicolaus Copernicus
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