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The God of.. lots of stuff. Oh and a messenger

Courtney Castaneda

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of HERMES

What is he known for?
Hermes was known for his helpfulness.
During Perseus quest to defeat the evil Medusa, Hermes was known to loan Perseus his own sandals giving him the ability to fly.
Who was Hermes life like before a messenger
Hermes was the son of Zeus and a mountain Nymph
More to Hermes
Hermes was also the Olympian God of
* animal husbandry,
*roads, * cunning wiles,
*athletic contests
*astronomy, *astrology.
Who the heck is Hermes?

All About Hermes!
By: Courtney Castaneda

Please enjoy these memes

not this dude.
Hermes was the official messenger of the gods, and the guide of dead souls to the Underworld.
He was a prankster and inventive genius at birth
He was very precious as a child.
During his first few hours of life, he left the cave he was born in and stole the cattle or oxen of Apollo
He also created the first lyre out of a tortoise shell and guts of a sheep.
Hermes' symbol was his staff. The myth was , originally, that it was a stick with
ribbons wrapped around it. But people depicted it as snakes. To support this, the myth was that he tried to separate two fighting snakes, but they wound around the stick and made peace.
His mother, Maia, is the daughter of Atlas.
His Roman name is
this is Hermes
He was seen as either a handsome, bearded youth, or an older man with a beard.
He always had his staff and wore a straw hat.
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