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LINE: Messenger app (presentation)

What is Line and how well does it hold up against it's competitors

terry kim

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of LINE: Messenger app (presentation)

What is LINE? And how well does it hold up against it's competitors LINE: the messenger app - free app
- created by Naver
- deepen real life relationships
- text, voice calls, emoticons, stickers
time line Revenue and business model Freemium business model
- free application
- certain things are pay to access

Official Accounts
- follow your favorite celebrity or enterprise
- get messages/updates
- celebrities/enterprises pay to create the account LINE games - an example of using partnership to expand services
- games that are connected to your LINE
- has in-app purchases
"LINE Pop"
- had 1 million downloads in day
- brought 1 million USD revenue in 12 days LINE Stickers - most profitable
- some stickers are free
- other sets cost 1-2USD Competition - LINE is not the only text messaging application

Whatsapp and Kakao Talk are similar applications
fighting over the same market in text-messaging Whatsapp Subscription Revenue Model
- costs $0.99/year
- simple
- text, voice call
- Big in USA and HK How does LINE fair? - The app itself is free
- it does what Whatsapp does and more
- LINE operates on PCs and "dumb-phones"
- LINE sells a "cute" factor which may not sell in the west (USA)
- STRONG network effect - month of July 2012, generated 3.75 million USD
- charge companies (Coca Cola and Nissin Food) to get sponsored for LINE stickers
- sell the "cute" factor Kakao Talk Created by the same company as LINE (Naver)
- similar application
- major difference is the marketing to Korea instead of Japan
Kim Taeyoung
Lee Hiu Pan
Wong Cho Ting Truvian Platform Strategy and Partnership - Platform=portal
- Various services are provided to attract users
- LINE cooperates with other partner corporations to develop new LINE apps.
- e.g. LINE Talk Novel, LINE Fortune Telling, LINE Coupon, LINE Sounds Shop, LINE game apps
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