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Animals Classification


laura okafor

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of Animals Classification

Insects Insects have 6 legs and all insects have two pair
of antenna.
Life cycle:
First state is egg then adult.
They sheded their exoskeleton went they
grown to another state.

Golden Beetle Peppered Moth Molluscs

Arthropods Arthronpods are found in every environment.
Myriapods Black Ant There are more than 13,000 species of Myriapods. I
t have many legs " many-legged ".
Centipedes- single pair of leg,
Millipedes- two pair of legs.
Myriapods have two pair of antenna.
Centipedes Millipede Gastropods White Slug Gastropods have a long rich
fossil from the early time. Both
Gastropods are marine and non-marine.
Most of them have a soft body. Lined Bubble shell Cephalopods Cephalopods is the large
invertabrate on earth.
They breath by grill. They
are well hunters in the sea.
Common Cuttlefish Lesser Octopus Vampire Squid Crustaceans Crustaceans have a hard shell. They
seperate each other and stay in
indiviual. They are well know to crabs
and lobsters. Lobster Hermit Crab Shrimp Arachnids Arachnids have a " joint-legged ".
They have eight legs and hunt or lie
for prey. Arachnids were often born
life. Orb Weaver
Spider Scorpion Classification Organisms of Invertebrate Ricinuleid Echinoderms Echinoderms have a spiny skinned. They livedonly in salted water. Echinoderms have a inner exoskeleton. Reticulated
Starfish Happy Purple
Sea Urchin Sea Cucumber Sand Dollar Cnidarians Cnidarains are the most simplest and beautiful animals. They have a tentacles. They are the stinging animals, which can kill thier prey. Praying Mantis Purple-striped
Jellyfish Cavernous Star Coral Sea Anamone More Pictures Sea Slug Blue Butterfly Dumbo Octopus Platyhelminthes Turbellaria is a flatworm.
They have a flat and soft
body. Some flatworm are

Pseudobiceros Turbellaria Monogena Monogena are small flatworm, which are about 2 cm long. Monogena Morsaki Flatworm Cestoda Cestoda are flatworm that
live digestive tract of human
and animals. Cestoda Trematoda Trematoda are flattened oval
worm. They form an intestine
of a lancetfish. Polyclad Flatworm Giant Digenean
Parasite The End-yo Thank You for watching Laura Ifeoma Okafor
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