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Claim of Fact, Value & Policy

No description

jade lehar

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Claim of Fact, Value & Policy

Claim of Fact
Claim of Fact argues whether something is true or untrue.
Claim of Fact Cont.
Claim of Facts must be specific as to time, place, people involved and situation.
Claim of Value
Claim of Value involves judgements and evaluations.
Example: The Menendez Brothers Case
Claims of Policy
Claims of Policy provide a solution in response to the Claim of Fact
Claim of Fact, Value & Policy
However, keep in mind that the argument must have the potential for controversy.
For instance, "The sun is shining" is NOT an example of COF
But, "Robert Smith is guilty of 2nd degree murder" is.
Think of them as problems to be solved!!
Ask yourself: "Can my COF be investigated through interviews or research?"
By using analytical writing, you should next explore every angle of the problem to assess its level of truth.
Make sure to write down at least 1 counterclaim to your COF to be prepared for the argument.
Everyone has a personal bias about something, when you argue with friends and family over intellectual issues, you are typically arguing over Claims of Value.
Questions to consider: "Is the topic good or bad, and according to who?"
Claim of Fact: The brothers killed their parents with a shotgun.
Claim of Value: The brothers had a good reason for the murders.
They are often procedural, organized plans.
A counterclaim to a COP agrees that a problem exists, but that there is a better SOLUTION to solving it.
In medicine, COP is common. The COP debates the best treatment for a certain condition.
Line of Reasoning Example:
Line of Reasoning Example:
The Claim of Fact argues that OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown.
The Claim of Value would investigate intent (whether it is first-degree, manslaughter, accident, crime of passion, etc.)
The Claim of Policy would determine the punishment, imprisonment, execution, etc.
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