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Germany Treaty of Versailles. What is the message of this source? Analysis

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Andrew Oldham

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Germany Treaty of Versailles. What is the message of this source? Analysis

What is the message of this source? (7) (What is the artist trying to make you think?) STEP 1 : Nail the message 'The message of the source is ...... STEP 2 : Say how you can tell the message
from the details Try to sum this up in two sentences. Examiners will reward full meaning more than partial meaning 'I can tell this because the source shows...... DON'T spend ages describing the source. Pick 2 relevant parts and EXPLAIN them STEP 3 : Use your own knowledge to explain the context 'The source is commenting on ...... Explain WHEN the event was. What were the causes and consequences that made it significant '...that the allies will destroy Germany with the harsh terms of the treaty. Germany feel humiliated and unfairly treated'. '.Germany represented as a shirtless figure who is about to be guillotined. The fact that he is bare-chested is humiliating. His hands are tied also. This represents Germany's inability to do anything about their treatment. '. '..harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919. Germans felt this was very unfair as they lost 10 percent of their land and had to pay an enormous sum of £6.6billion in reparations. To Germany this was like a death sentence. They also felt aggrieved by no being able to negotiate terms. The hands tied commented on the treaty being a so called 'Diktat'.' M S K essage ource nowledge Contextual
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