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Festival's Project

English festival's project

Magalí Colomer

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Festival's Project

FESTIVAL'S PROJECT ST. JORDI'S DAY In many countries people celebrate Sant Jordi's day, a popular festival in Catalonia and also in England. At st. Jordi's day the lovers give a rose or a book to their couples. In a lot of schools in Catalonia children sell roses and books to people to win some money. This people are buying books and roses in a street market.
There are many of them everywhere. St. Jordi's Day is the most important festival in Catalonia and in England. Joan Aguilar Jèssica Armiany Magalí Colomer Do you give a rose and a book to your couple in St. Jordi's Day? Yes, I Do. And I also give a rose to my mum because I love her a lot. And do you give a book to your father? No, I don't. I don't have a father. Oh, I'm sorry. Calçotada At Calçotada's Day we eat a lot of calçots with sauce. They are very tasty! They are eating calçots in their house because they love them a lot. We eat calçots with hands. And after we need to clean our hands because calçots dirtier a lot. Mother's Day Mother's Day is a festival in Catalonia that usually the children give a present to his mothers.

We celebrate Mother's Day the last Sunday of May. This year, the last Sunday is 28th.

The girl is kissing her mother in Mother's Day because she love her a lot.

Mother's Day is a commercial celebration because the shops wants to sell a lot of things in opportunity that is Mother's Day and the sons wants to give a present to his mothers.

The children and his mothers always celebrate Mother's Day.

The people celebrated it in his houses, with his family.

A celebration that is similar than the Mother's Day is the Father's Day that is consisting that the sons give a present or a similar thing to his father. It's the same that Mother's Day but Father's. nornally, we eat calçots with family or friends. Calçots have got a similar apparence to onions but are longer and, for me, they have a better tasty. We eat calçots with red wine or cava to accompanied them. But children, doesn't drink wine or cava. THE END
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