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Mobile Web by Wednesday with Wink

How the Brooklyn Museum technology team tackled non-iPhone mobile check-ins during the GO Brooklyn Art studio weekend.

David Huerta

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Web by Wednesday with Wink

Mobile Web by Wednesday with Wink David Huerta Brooklyn Museum Some Numbers GO Stats!
Registered studios in GO: 1,708
Eligible registered visitors (voters) in GO: 4,929

Compare to:
Oakland Art Murmur Artists (over 1 year): 1,200
TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Participants: 1,000+
Italian Renaissance Artists: 65
Art Hack Day NYC (2013) Participants: 60

Behind the Scenes:
Developers and designers building GO (while maintaining Brooklyn Museum infrastructure): 4 GO Dev/Design Team Mobile Beyond the iPhone Picking a Framework Twitter told me not to drink the Sencha Kool Aid
jQuery Mobile uses jQuery and we're a devout Mootools household
Needed to be ready in 3 days, not writing from scratch iOS API SMS www www DB iOS: 43% (US smartphones)
Android: 51%
MeeGo: Just me. :( Doodle-driven development Designer
+ Developer Code page (or "card" if you remember WAP) Sketch
UX/UI Add CSS and Retina-ready Graphics Developer Designer Borrow Android Phone Network
Admin FuelPHP MVC Models, Controllers remained the same
Minor changes to controller to detect mobile devices and render mobile-specific views
Mobile/Wink-optimized views in views/mobile directory Mobile device (except iPad) detected and full site cookie not detected render mobile/index render home/weekend Yup Nope The Coolest Thing in Mootools Ever $('search_button').addEvent('click', function() {
var keyword = encodeURI($('search_term').getProperty('value'));
$('studio_list').load('/ajax/mobile_itinerary?user_id=<?php echo $current_user->id; ?>&sort_field=name&keyword=' + keyword + '&result_limit=1000');
}); Lamest Thing About HTML5 JS geolocation is slow, flaky and even mobile-web Google Maps is a test of patience
New Yorkers don't do patience
Map functionality was nixed from mobile web itinerary Parting Notes Cordova (PhoneGap) might be cool
Berry Blast Oreos taste weird
Cool Mint Oreos are the best Oreos P.S. We're hiring!
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