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What to Do with Carbon dioxide?

How Is Carbon Dioxide Causing An Enhanced Greenhouse Effect?


on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of What to Do with Carbon dioxide?

What is Carbon dioxide? Human Activity and Carbon dioxide •Carbon dioxide is mainly emitted through human activities. What to do with carbon dioxide? Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse Effect Carbon dioxide is one of the most important green house gases. • We need the greenhouse gases because without it warmth from the sun would reflect back into space and there would be no warmth on the Earth
• Earth's temperature will drop about 30 degrees Celsius and become inhospitable for most life
• When there is no sunlight it would be freezing cold and when there is sunlight it would be too hot (Mercury has no atmosphere) •Carbon dioxide has been rapidly increasing over the years due to human activity which is causing more heat to be retained in the atmosphere and leading to GLOBAL WARMING! Carbon Sequestration beverages (fizz) fire extinguishers •Humans have been altering the climate since the industrial era
•The making of all the new technology increases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
•We are changing the Earth by the way we live (e.g.driving a car to work adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere) large scale refrigeration
(dry ice-solid form of carbon dioxide) •there is a higher risk of hurricanes since they form in warm water The combustion of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) for transportation and energy significantly increases carbon emissions. A green house gas is any gas in the atmosphere such as water vapour, methane, etc. that absorbs lower-energy radiation. Carbon dioxide is one of the most important green house gases. Other uses of sequestered Carbon are ... A green house gas is any gas in the atmosphere such as water vapour, methane, etc. that absorbs lower-energy radiation. to decaffeinate coffee Carbon sequestration
involves the capture and
storage of carbon dioxide. Biological Sequestration Plants are used to naturally sequester Carbon Dioxide. Geological Sequestration It consists of capturing and storing carbon dioxide in underground deposits (terrestrial sequestration) Ocean Sequestration Direct injection of carbon dioxide involves the capture, separation, transport, and injecting it into the deep sea. How do we remove carbon dioxide once it has been released into the atmosphere? Conversion of Carbon Dioxide The carbon cycle continually moves carbon between the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, and sediments.

Mimicking some of these processes might help decrease carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere capture it... find alternative uses... Carbon dioxide is captured and then isolated or sequestered Pumped for plants, to accelerate their growth Gas laws such as Charles, Boyle,and Avogadro's laws are used in the process Many other scientists are trying to discover methods of reusing and recycling carbon.
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