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Arnold High School.

No description

Natasha Muriel

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Arnold High School.

2013-2014 Points of Emphasis
Student Code of Conduct
Tardy Policy
3 Tardies - Teacher Warning
4 Tardies - 3 days ISS
5 Tardies - Unexcused absences

Any further disciplinary action will be determined by Student Services.

Number of tardies will reset at the end of each nine weeks.
Consequences :

First and second offense consequences are: notification of parent or guardian; change of inappropriate attire
Consequences for subsequent offenses may include one or more of the following at the discretion of the principal:
A. notification of parent or guardian;
B. change of inappropriate attire;
C. one to three days of in-school or out- of-school suspension; or
D. three days after school detention, if available.
The fourth and subsequent offenses are willful disobedience which will result in further
disciplinary action, which may include out of school suspension or expulsion
Any class work missed while dealing with dress code will be the student's responsibility to make up.

Students will not be sent back to class until they are in dress code.
Don'ts of dresscode!
Do's of dresscodeee!
Cell phone use is based on each teacher's preference.
If you don't give your phone to the teacher when asked, administration may be called with a possibility of suspension.
1st offense is being asked to put it away.
2nd offense is taken away & given back at end of class.
3rd offense is phone taken away & parents pick it up after school.
Failure to check out when leaving school before the end of the official school day
Absence from class without parent knowledge and/or permission
Absence from class without teacher knowledge and/or permission

1ST Offense: In School Suspension
2ND Offense: In School Suspension
3RD Offense: Out of School Suspension
Any further offenses may result in expulsion.
Missing 10 or more minutes of class (without a pass) may be considered skipping.
Bullying means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students or employees. It is further defined as unwanted and repeated written, verbal, or physical behavior, including any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture, by a student or adult, that is severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment; cause discomfort or humiliation; or unreasonably interfere with the individual’s school performance or participation; and may involve but is not limited to:
1. Teasing
2. Social Exclusion
3. Threat
4. Intimidation
5. Stalking
6. Physical violence
7. Theft
8. Sexual, religious, or racial harassment
9. Public humiliation
10. Destruction of property


Bullying of any kind may result in immediate suspension of 1-10 days and repeated behavior may result in expulsion.
Contact administration for more info...
Assistant principal: GORDY PONGRATZ

Administrative Assistant: TERRY HAGLER

Administrative Assistant: ANDRA PHILLIPS
Created by: Natasha Muriel &
Lauren Bulger
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