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Ancient Aliens

No description

George Vazquez

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Thesis
Ancient Aliens
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.
The theorist believe that the Saqqara bird was a type of Ancient aerodynamic model
to figuring how to fly .
They claim that because of how the Saqqara bird is modeled.
''I want to fly''
visually looking at it, it was a bird however it had characteristic of a modern plane.
The wings of the bird are more like a plane wings due to their position and how
they are curve as if it would to fly.

And mainly because birds have horizontal
tails and this bird model has a vertical tail like a planes stabilizer.
The Gold figurines

Tomb robbers found about a hundred 2-3 inch gold figurines.
What the Ancient aliens theorist stated was that was mass majority seem to look
like fishes and insects.

However there they said
that there were about a dozen that have a high resembles to modern fighter jets.
So they are saying that there is a chance that Pre-Colombian civilization could of
also hand the aerodynamics knowledge.
The Saqqara bird
'" I want to fly "
The saqqara bird
They did a test on the Saqqara bird testing if it was able to fly.
It was successful that it was possible to take air.
With a miner problem that it was lacking a working stabilizer.
Other than that it was capable of flight.
The gold figurines
They also did a flight test of the gold figurines
It was a successful test run. It was capable of flight.

The Saqqara bird
It seems pretty reasonable for it too be aerodynamic model.
It looks like a plane and has the body of a plane.
It was capable of flight.
The gold figurines
The say that there no insect that have wings in the bottom

and said that there's no animal like these figures.
They failed to mention that these gold figurines look more like fish. Showing the
lots of those figurine where fish shaped. So there's no way it can be jets other
than creative made golden figurines.
They talked about these figurines that there nothing similar in nature so it has to to be a model of a fighter jet
Magdalena Fishes:
The gold figurine flight test
They put the golden Figurines to a fly test
They made the figure five times its original size, big enough to fly.
One of the theorist said that did not remove an inch or add an inch they just simply made it bigger. Every thing was done by the ancients.
Well that wasn't the case because you can notice that the original gold figure compared to the scale model one is missing parts.
And they also added engine and a propeller and thing like that.
The saqqara bird
Accuracy: Every thing seemed to be accurate or seemed possible.
Credibility: well not credible that they got it from aliens.
Plausibility: it is possible that are ancients were figuring how to fly and trying how to find aerodynamics.
The golden figurines
Accuracy: not at all it seems to be more as a big theory than truth.
Credibility: not at all believable
Plausibility: it is possible, however they just look like insects and fishes.
Conclusion: the Saqqara bird is plausible that are
ancients came up with it with out or plausible with help.
the golden figurines well it its In plausible that the columbines
made an aerodynamic craft model.
Precision work
Puma Punku
Example of precision work that Ancient Aliens seem to cover.
Roger Hopkins
He has years of experience in stonemasionry.
He has to use advance high tech machinery usually with with diamond picks.
He wouldn't try to replicate anything because it would take a lot of amount of time.
Puma punku has a lot of precision works and very exact precision designed.
The blocks weight about 40-50 tons.

They talked about interior cuts speaking how everything was so precise.
Everything was perfect, there no imperfection other than it was broken off over history.
To make something like that it would take a computerized machine with a pattern memory to cut something as percise as that.

Machu Picchu
They talked about how every block they used were the same size as the others.
That all blocks were the same size as if they were molded to fit the right size.
Who ever was in charge of the whole process knew what they were doing.

Well one thing is how were they able to build something so precise with out
a language. How were they able to communicate?
It is possible that the Ancients could of built it.
They do seem to have holes were they were roped and dragged.
how where they able to cut precise shapes?
Machu picchu
Well a possible answer for the construction of Machu Picchu is dry stone techniques. So basically they form and shaped every rock to it right size so that it would fit.
However how did they get rocks so huge.
Puma Punku
Accuracy: they did only mention that they either got help by or Aliens did it.
Credibility: Well yes it very creditable that they must of gotten help.
Plausibility: it is possible that they could of gotten help. However its also possible that they were able to do them them self.
Machu Picchu
Accuracy: yes i believe that they could of use dry stone techniques to build it. However you could go with the theorist and say how did they pull it off.
Credibility: they were credible because they didn't agree to anything they were just theorizing.

Plausibility: It is possible they had working techniques to build it but who knows how they pulled it off.
Conclusion: I do believe that are ancient were able to to do precision work with what ever tools they had back then.
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