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Presentation of Learning

No description

Mateo Gamez

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of Learning

6th Grade
8th Grade
Mateo Gamez
Presentation of Learning
7th grade
6th Grade Photos
8th Grade Photos
-Tried Mesa rcFF
-Made varsity for everything i did in track
-Made varsity for one week for basketball.
-Played football for the first time in three years
-Had a tough time in Science
-Was good in literacy
-Started singing on stage at church
-Learner trait- Open Minded

7th Grade Pictures
-Made varsity for swimming
-Made new friends
-Started to get more into church
-Had a tough time in Math
-Did very well in literacy.
-Learner trait- Caring

-Tried track for the first time
-Got even more involved with church
-Had a tough time in science
-Was still good in literacy.
-Made a lot more friends this year.
-Got a new Dog.
-Learner trait- Risk Taker
High School
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