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How To Use Prezi

Simply Easy Learning Prezi

Joni Sales

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of How To Use Prezi

…to activate your prezi account

Now you’re ready to use prezi!

You should also check you’re email…

For my account, I’m choosing the free version

Go to

Which will make you a great presenter

It makes your presentations zoom in

Prezi is a software used for presentation and storytelling

Prezi Basics
Completely fill up the Sign Up form

And zoom out

The free version is limited
Then click Sign up

Click this

…and to download prezi to your computer

Click New Prezi
This window will open

Or Click this to
start a blank template
From these
Or these
Click Use template
You can add frames and arrows
Say, you've chosen a template
Or use this
to insert any of the following
And you can customize your template's theme here
Edit path here
Path is the sequence of your presentation
which comes
which comes
and so on...
edit path like this
The video says...
...click on the slide you want to edit
...then drag it to where it should be placed
To edit the title of your prezi presentation...
Click this
Go to your prezi library
or click this area
this window will appear
hover to the "Untitled Prezi" so that pencil or edit appears
hover mouse also over the "description" to edit
Tips For A Nice Presentation
Make your slides or content closer to each other
Make one slide small and the next large for zooming presentation
Tilt your slides or content for rotating presentation
Share your prezi on Facebook
Or print your prezi
Click this to enjoy more of prezi features
Click this to enjoy even more of prezi features
But I'll try the Public prezi first
You can prezify your PowerPoint slides
...for more awesome presentation
click Insert
Click this
A window opens and you can insert your PowerPoint file
Wait for the upload to finish
You can choose to Insert All contents
Or you can drag only your chosen slide
Click the Check button
You can choose a layout when inserting all contents
Just click the layout...
...then click Insert
Click the Check button
You can add arrow paths to your presentation
You can delete slides on your path
Click Edit Path
Hover to the path you want to delete
Click the "x" button that appears
You can add music to your presentation
Click Insert
This appears
Click this to add music
Wait for the upload to finish
Click Play to listen
You can delete the music, too
Or click Done to continue editing your prezi
The music you uploaded will
start playing....
...and will continue playing in the Present Mode
For shortcuts, you may want to right-click your mouse
Try to right-click your mouse inside your frame
this appears
Just click on the button you like to edit your prezi
Congratulations on your first prezi presentation!
Now practice because "Practice Makes Perfect!"
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