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Cup by Cup: Farmer to Table

Singing Rooster is an established social enterprise nonprofit; we alleviate rural poverty in Haiti with economic development through agriculture. We partner with farmer-owned coffee cooperatives to provide farmers direct access to markets.

Singing Rooster

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Cup by Cup: Farmer to Table

Haiti’s potential as a self-sustaining country rests, in part, with economic development: job creation, product improvement , income diversification, and opening up or expanding existing markets for Haitian goods.

Holistic Approach
Our approach depends on the strengths and goals of the cooperative. Current assistance includes:

we pay a MINIMUM of
$3.50 per pound green
on the ground to farmers -this far exceeds "Fair Trade"
then co-ops earn
another .50 cents
for each bag of wholesale roasted coffee sold

6% low-interest, pre-harvest loans makes us popular in a country where 36% is the going rate

helping cooperatives open bank accounts, teaching basic accounting, putting portions of profits towards working capital & redevelopment reserves

coffee seedling programs - a GREAT source of income & reforestation

providing access to information on equipment
& agriculture innovations

seed money & assistance for business start-ups

Roasting = Money
It is through product transformation (i.e., roasting) and supply chain integration (export, import, transport, warehouse, roast, market, distribute) that farmers garner true living wages; 100% of coffee sale proceeds are returned to Haiti for business growth and development.
One path to long-lasting change in Haiti: economic development through agriculture –
Here is our story..
Why Coffee Matters
Coffee has played an important role in Haiti’s rural economy for centuries:

1. Haiti is mountainous & well-suited for coffee;
in 1788, Haiti supplied half the worlds’ coffee

2. 1950: third largest supplier in the world

3. 1990’s USAID’s washed coffee infrastructure laid the groundwork for
quick impact

4. Haitian coffee is excellent, provides income diversification and
thousands of jobs for Haitians

-- from Farmer to Table
Join us.
Link to us from your website, write about us in newsletters, facebook, twitter, blogs.
Use our Haitian coffee fundraiser

Buy the Rooster's coffee wholesale for $6.80

Retail for $9.80+ at your own events.
This is significant.
Tell others about our work – give coffee, encourage others to buy Haitian.
Yes, fundraising is a lot of work ... but so too is long lasting change.
In 3 years of coffee fundraiser sales, the HaitiProject.org
has raised over $30,000
just by selling coffee (and this .org is SMALL).

50 people
to switch to Haitian --
Earn $5,400
for your work in Haiti ... (3 bags mo x 12 x 50 X $3 = $5400)
Change happens cup by cup
Singing Rooster has worked as a social enterprise nonprofit since 2009.

We partner with farmer-owned cooperatives to provide farmers direct access to markets; we currently work with 6 networks / 33 cooperatives / 12,000+ farmers.

By helping farmers to improve crops, paying premium prices for those crops and then transforming through roasting and marketing on behalf of farmers, we've established a farmer-to-table model for rural communities in Haiti.

Singing Rooster.org
we focus on coffee.
more info: www.
Since 2009
purchased over 120,000 lbs of green coffee =

sold over
60,000 bags
of farmer's roasted coffee

from sales

helped other non-profits to raise
over $150,000

new coffee trees

Agriculture development is TWICE as effective as other methods of support.
Over 70% (
7 bucks
from every $9.80) directly supports Haiti -- $4 per lb through S. Rooster,
$3 per bag through you.
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