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Adding and Subtracting Integers

Once you learn three simple rules and how to Keep Flip Change (KFC) you can solve any addition or subtraction problem!

Maia Gallagher-Siudzinski

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Adding and Subtracting Integers

(-4)+(-6) (-6) + 4 (-4) - 6 (-6) - (-4) 4 + (-6) 4 + 6 4-(-6) 4 - 6 KFC KFC Swap the Order
(commutative property) KFC KFC 1. Add absolute values.
2. Make answer negative. = -10 Just Add! If the greater number is first... Just Subtract!

If the greater number is second...
1. Swap the order to find the difference.
2. Make the answer negative. 6 - 4=2
Answer: -2 =10 Just Learn
3 Simple Rules: For any other
problem use
KFC or
Swap the Order a positive plus a positive a negative plus a negative a positive minus a positive Adding
Subtracting Integers ? a negative minus a positive a positive minus a negative a positive plus a negative a negative plus a positive a negative minus a negative
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