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Academic Writing & Literature Searching

No description

Molly Frenette

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Academic Writing & Literature Searching

Academic Writing
Literature Searching

Literature Searching
Wishart Library
Online Database
Google Scholar
Internet Databases
Literature Searching
Start with broad search terms and key words.
"The Big Five"
Then once you have looked through some articles, choose secondary key words.
"Personality" and "Social-Media"
"Personality" and "Health"

Literature Searching
Literature Searching
Literature Searching
Tips for Academic Writing
Have a point...you should be able to develop a specific stance on the topic you have chosen.

Always keep this point in mind while writing, this will keep you on topic...no rambling!

It helps to create an outline of main points or issues you want to address.
Why Conduct Literature Reviews
Narrow your search by only including
peer-reviewed articles.
Articles needed for this course need to be from 2008 or later, so narrow your search
by date as well.
You can also narrow your search by the format of the article.
You will need between 5 and 7 articles to write your Article Review Paper.
3 articles will be handed in throughout the semester in template form, the others you will include in writing the final paper.
While you are collecting articles that fit into your theme or topic area, complete the APA Reference in a word document.

This will save you a lot of time when writing the paper.
Continue to add and take away key words to tailor your search until you've gotten results within a theme or subject topic that you are interested in.
It helps to prevent you from duplicating work that has already been done
Searching through past studies provides you with stronger background, justification and discussion for your work.
Searching through past studies can provide very helpful information on making your own work better - "what to do" vs. "what not to do"
Conducting a literature review will help you to identify gaps and weaknesses which will help you develop strong research questions
Why Write
Academic Papers
Writing academic papers provides you an opportunity to look deeply into an area and specific issue within Psychology.

It also provides you the opportunity to truly synthesize information you are learning.

Writing a literature review is also the beginnings of the introduction to a thesis paper/journal article you may write some day.
This is the background information on a certain topic that you as a researcher will study.
Are there alternative words that you
could be using?

Don't assume because you typed in "children" that all things related to all those terms will show up.

If you find an article that interests you, check out the keywords listed for that article...you may find some new words that fit your topic/theme.
Taking Note
Typically try to pick a few extra articles so that if when you start reading it doesn't end up fitting, you have some to fall back on.

Worst case scenario, you end up with extra and get to pick your top 6.

While you're reading try to highlight or underline important pieces of information as you go.

Any information that fits with your topic or theme should be indicated somehow for future reference.
Always be conscious of sentence structure, grammar, spelling and proper APA format.

Don't worry too much during draft writing, but definitely during editing.
Just like in all essay writing, have a beginning, middle and end.
I have always used the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab for quick APA information and paper formatting.

Google it :)
Always fully explain your thoughts and ideas.

Write as if I have no prior knowledge of the topic.
You should aim to have your research completed by the beginning of March.

This will give you two weeks to prepare your presentation and work on your final paper.
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