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Best Man's Speech

For kid and deb's wedding

Mark Shearer

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Best Man's Speech

Damian = Kid Don't get cocky Kid Kid was my best man Kid is funny! He stole the show welcome everyone to the best man's speech long and hard only good enough for
his brother's band! "It's been a good day,
let's 'ope its a good neet.
Reet!" used to be a geek ?? should that be best kid ?!!?? it ain't pretty sometimes it got ugly stupid we went camping a thoroughly lovely couple........... he's shit on the bass though! Both gigglers supreme
(see Holland 2009)
….and he’s far too cool for my
liking (on-stage, anyway!) Debs & Damian'...
the other half of
'Rae & Mark' Stumbling home from the clubs Dames
would give me a piggy back, because the
shoes I wore would kill my feet.
Damn those strappy 90's sandals! Paul and Emma Angelique and Copernicus Katja Johnny D Debs is like a cute little mouse with her squeaky voice
She is a beautiful person but boy she can be bossy!
I love her to bits
Kid is a handsome jolly giant to me.
Together they are like apple crumble and custard.
Delish, and sooooooo good together, Victoria Debs defines complementary
opposites like ying and yang,
she's kindhearted & adorable
with a touch of Gothic glamour
and I love her. Damo & Debs
Daft Dialect Dictionary Blancmange = I love you

Tupo T = Cup of Tea

Tup Toppee = Cup of Coffee

Massive Toe = Mug of Tea

Tuptoptopowa = Hot Chocolate

Hoos = Cats

Penawen = Penny

Awinkanawoo = Jinx

Twal = That is alright/OK

Pooter = Computer

DVNO = I do not know
From the Geordie:
I divvuny know like

God = Trent Reznor

Banana = Nobhead Fagalstraat Bina To a special couple who are
made for each other.
Contratulations on your
wedding day. Ricky and Cathy Kid and Debs you are our best mates.
At our wedding you were a brilliant
best man and maid of honour.
Hope we are doing as well as you did.
They're Dairylee mad them kids! Rae meanwhile.... totally addicted to bass daft bit the grooms faulty Barry and Sarah Debs: The rocktastic, fragile pretty love machine with teeth

Kid: The cool as funk, kick-ass, Kosky-Bass-Rider. Flixx and Sian Debs: suprisingly pleasant!

Kid: Devilish Admirable
Funny Talented
(or DAFT for short) GMT KOT Chris and Rachael Soooo sad to be missing your wedding day!
You guys are the sunshinest people we know.
You always make us laugh and
always look on the bright side of life
(doo doo der doo der doo der doo doo doo). www.youtube.com/kidanddebs Thanks... Rae
Blob Blob
Flixx and Sian
Those who sent (funny) messages I have known Kid and Debs for a few years now
and they are such a fantastic couple who are so
suited for each other. They also happen to share
my passion for all types of music and as
Bill Shakespeare once said
"If music be the food of love, play on." Richard where's wally?
where's that debowawy? clue - she's wearing a silly hat! D'Lear I've got another Kid!.......
A Kid Sister
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